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Hi- I asked this over in the adoption forum, but didn't get a response. Maybe I'm just impatient
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The two little kittens I am fostering were abandoned outside and attacked by a dog when they were very young. Do you think this will cause a life-long fear of dogs or any other anxiety problems in the future? I don't have any other pets right now, but I'd like to get a dog several years from now.


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I don't think that particular incident will stay in their memories. If they are well-socialized by you, they should turn out just fine. They may not like a dog on first meeting, but that's pretty normal for any cat meeting a strange animal.

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I agree with Monster I do not think it will stay with them. IF you know some one that can bring a dog to visit for a little bit every now and then that might help too shrug
My mom's dog used to come visit and we were all used to her each time she came back so we know not all dogs are bad.

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I would introduce them slowly to the dog. Having the two of them will help too. My daughter's dog is a woodle, not a big dog, who visits. Both cats are fine with the dog. It is the dog that is nervous because there are two cats. Cats usually have the upper hand with dogs because they can move fast. Supervision is always important when you are introducing them. You have to be calm too. They can sense when you are nervous.....I will always have cats as they are easier in many ways and I love their nature.