Help!!!Smokey is hissing at Milo....

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I rescued Milo at a day old....he is now 4 weeks...my puggle mandy adores him but my 2 year old cat smokey keeps hissing.....she keeps her distance but i do not leave them unsupervised yet...how can i get smokey to warm up to milo??thanks so much


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hopefully by now, SMokey has gotten used to the little one. It just takes time. THey may never be buddies, but they should tolerate each other. I have been here 2 years, and Maizy still hisses at me! Good luck!


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No worries about the hissing. I recently rescued Nevah, and all three of my older cats hissed at first at Nevah-they still do occasionally. My dog too adores the little kitten. As others have said eventually they will adapt to one other. Seems to me you're doing everything right by letting them interact while under supervision.wishes

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Did you separate them at first? Cats take time to warm up with another one. When I got Juliette, she had my room as a safety room. She was in it for several days until I allowed her out to see Alex. Then, she would be out for a couple of hours at a time. It was a gradual introduction.
Alex took to her like no other cat I have had. They play together now. He is nine years old and Juliette is now five months. She chases him and drops the ball down to him when she is on the cat tree.....By the way, do you have a cat tree? It helps to increase the area. Cats are territorial.
Your two year old may see the new kitten as a threat. Juliette would cry out in the room. She wanted to see Alex. He would wait for her to come out of the room in those first days. Now, they may sleep together. He grooms her each morning. Any questions, ask....Congrats on the new kitten. p.s. Alex and Juliette did hiss that first day. It hasn't happen again. I did use a towel to move his scent onto her in the first two weeks. Then, I would rub the scent off of her onto him. I wanted them to smell like each other. It worked quickly.