How violent is kitten play?

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So, I've been in my new home 2 weeks now and my dads are getting more used to having a new kitten in the home.

However, it seems like my kitten play has progressed from chasing da bird around then gnawing on it when I caught it, to biting and bunny kicking my toys "to death."

Dads are pretty sure it's all play... I make the little "Halloween cat" puffball, then tear across the room to hide. When they toss me a little stuffed animal, sometimes I'll just race by and "tag" it, then hide again.

Other times, though, I'll grab it and keep biting and bunny kicking on it. Dad will take another stuffed toy and move it back and forth till I'm pawing at it, then toss it my way, and I'll proceed to murderize it as well.

Is my kitty play normal? Or are my dads bringing up a little terror?

I only do this aggressive play with toys, never hands or feet.

On another note, I took my first outside walk in my walking jacket today. I didn't go very far... maybe 5 feet away, and then I didn't want to step into the leaves on the walkway. Dad let me look at the birds and smell the smells, then used some turkey to lure me back inside.

Dad put up a new pic of me in my jacket.


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TOTALLY normal! big grin

She's just exhibiting the natural hunting instincts of cats. And it's great that she's taking it out on her toys and not your hands!

I adopted Coopurr as a kitten -- he's three now -- and he's seemed to actually "hone" his hunting skills since then. In fact, just this week, I watched him circle 'round and 'round his favorite furry mouse, then attack it. He's attacked this mouse a million times, but this circling was a new thing...

Let me suggest a GREAT toy for the bunny-kicking. It's the KONG Kickeroo. Coop still loves to play with that.

Just watch for over-stimulation. When they get super-excited in play, and if your hand is too close, they'll go for it. What worked with Coop was a firm NO! and pulling my hand away. And stopping play immediately. It also helped in teaching him the word, "NO!"

Also, try to look at it as if she's being super-cute with her toys -- an not a trained assassin! I have to remind myself of this with Coop! Sometimes when I watch him, I think to myself, "He's EVISCERATING that thing!" Nah. He's just playing...
laugh out loud

Hope this helps!
Coop's Mom


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Dad just ordered one of those for me. I'll let you know how it works out.


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I just adopted my first little kitty in about 15 years, and I am so relieved that someone else is surprised by how crazy these babies can get! Flossie does a "tasmanian devil " move sometimes, she rolls back and forth on her back really fast biting and scratching at her birdie toy. The first time she did it I was so worried that I called my mom in a panic, she said it was normalsmile


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I have one of those battery operated Halloween bats (one with glowing eyes) that totally - calms my monsters down. They just sit and watch it flap in circles over their heads - a couple will try to take it down but... - and they are amazed. big grin

Your wee babe is very normal. Aren't kittens wonderful?!


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Wow, I've gotta try one of those Halloween bats!


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@ Smudge -- our house is Halloween Central, and we have one of those bats, too. Coop also loves to watch it. We also havea spider that drops from the cieling, and he LOVES to watch it climb back up! laugh out loud


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Aww....it sounds like Gypsy is having a blast. One of the unexpected delights of cat ownership for us was watching their hunting instincts kick in during playtime. And we loved the Kong Kickeroo too. Just watch for tears at the seams and stuffing coming out. We had to reinforce ours with a needle and thread, but no big deal, even for mommy who has no skill with a needle and thread. Another tip, ordering DaBird replacements got expensive, they destroyed the feathers so fast even with supervision. We got creative in using other things to attach to the metal safety pin thingy. A plastic drinking straw attached to the pin is a favorite. We also replaced the black string with a shoestring because one of our cats is rough on string. Basically, our DaBird is almost totally remade!