My persian kitten has sparse coat. Is this normal?

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I just bought a 2,5 months old persian kitten from a backyard breeder, so it's without papers. The coat is long just like any other persian cat but it's rather sparse. You can see his skin if you run your hand through the coat. And the stomach area, you can see his skin there without doing anything. The breeder said the coat will improve as he gets older, is this true? Thank you.

Here's a pic. He looks fluffy, until you run your hand through his coat.


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Well, your kitten LOOKS fluffy, which is what counts. One of my Maine Coons has mysteriously lost her fluffy tail, and now looks like a rat. I don't know if what the breeder told you is true or not, but I do know that long haired kittens have a different fur quality from adult cats. They are downy because they don't have shiny guard hairs. I also suspect that they don't have much of an undercoat, because they don't shed (much). I'm scheduled to take my rat-tailed cat to the vet next week. It can't be anything contagious, like fleas or mange, because none of the other cats have the same condition. It is also unlikely to be an allergy, as I never see her licking or otherwise worrying her tail. I'm suspecting something hormonal, an endocrine imbalance, or possible environmental poisoning (although she eats well, is active, and shows no signs of illness). When I hear what the vet has to say, I'll post if it seems like it might be information that would be useful to you. Meanwhile, you might also ask your vet whether your kitten has a problem or not.

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here are the pics of the patches that you can see when you split his coat: