Question about weight sort of.

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Ninja Kitty
Purred: Fri Aug 26, '11 3:16am PST 
I'm steadily out growing my sister! At 5 months old I'm slightly more then two feet long (from head to hips) and about 8 or 9 lbs. Penny is only about a foot and 1/4 long and 5-6 lbs.

Am I just going to keep getting bigger?

I'm not fat, I'm sleek and strong. And healthy in every way. So is Penny.

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You... Treats...- Now...
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I had a litter of kittens once, and believe me, some of them just grew quicker than others! Jack is rather large if I do say so myself! He is healthy and still full of energy in his old age! It is nothing strange for you to be growing faster than your sister Sheldon. As long as you stay at a good weight for your size, you should be fine. smile