pooping & peeing on them selves? and drinking question

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a few days ago my friends husband was walking in the state game lands and found a bucket with 9 KITTENS inside...we are guessing they are 4-5 weeks old, their teeth have just come through the gums and they are very wobbly when they walk...the first few days all they wante was the kitten replacement milk, but now Sam eats VERY well, but cant get him to drink yet, and Frodo tries to eat but has not quite got the hang of it..lol any way Sam the one who eats well is more laid back than Frodo..Frodo is a wild man..lol..i have noticed they do go in the litter box..both poop and pee but they also go in their sleep..both poop and pee...should i be putting them in the litter box more often? of do they just need to get a little older?....i put them in it about 5-10 minutes after i feed them and after they have played...they can get in and out by them selves..i made a little ramp party..and how do you teach them to drink?..i know they are supposed to learn from their mamma but since she is not around is there anything i cad do? we have 4 other adult cats, but they don't want to be bothered with the kittens..lol..our dogs however love them! Frodo tries to nurse on our beagle Max..lol

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Hobie was about 4 weeks when we found him. I never encountered these issues though. thinking For a litter box we used little hot dog trays, if they're wobbly they may not use them by themselves at night?

As for the drinking, if they're getting KMR mixed with wet they'll lap it up and probably not really be thirsty. Just leave a shallow water bowl out just in case. I never had to teach Hobie to drink.

Oh, and even though they seem fuzzy, they look like shirt hairs, not long hairs. kitty

Kudos on taking in the babies!


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i meant to put short hair..lol.. just was not paying attention..lol! the other day frodo was sleeping on my son and just started peeing..lol..and just now Sam pooped while he was sleeping...i dont know of it because they are so little or what?...they poop is not runny....it kind of looks like brown tooth paste squeezed out of a small tube..lol

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Okay, the poop you described is normal, and they do have trouble getting to the litter box in time, especially feeling the urge, just like little kids. You will need to carry them to the box in the middle of a nap. Their little short legs can't get them there quickly yet, and when they relax into deep sleep, about 15 - 20 min in, they sometimes relax muscles they need to hold it in. This will come with age.
They don't need to "learn" to drink. They have a special tongue mechanism that is instinctual. They just have to be thirsty, which they are learning to notice around this age.

Bless you mightily for taking in these babies!!! way to goapplausehailLuv, Tinkkitty


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First of all, Momma says she loves the hobbit names you have Sam and Frodo! She is a fan of Lord of the Rings. smile

Second, I remember when I was that little I had trouble getting to a litter box on time too. Momma and Daddy fixed it by having several litter boxes around the house so that there was always one near by. They were so patient with me! They cleaned up after my messes when I couldn't make it in time. It took me a month or two, but I finally got using a litter box down and I am glad I did! Keep practicing, it takes time. If you see them start to go then yes, by all means, put them in the litter box! That will teach them that is the correct place to go.

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Yes, BLESS you and your husband for taking in and saving these precious kittens!!! Another thing that works well for a litter box for small kittens are aluminum pie pans. Just be sure you get the ones WITHOUT the holes in the bottom.

Keep us updated on the babies....and HISSSSS...to the creature who abandoned these helpless babies.

The New Orleans Kitties


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They are adorable! Your family is wonderful to take in those kitties until adoption. Did you end up with all the kittens or just Samwise and Frodo? Wishing them the best, I bet they will be hard to give up when it's time to adopt them out smile