Weird. My little 4 month old boy?

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Ninja Kitty
Purred: Fri Jul 29, '11 3:55pm PST 
If he lays down on my chest and I make a funny noise? like sneeze or sniffle, he'll "bite" my chin. Not in a hard bad way, but more like he just barely touches his teeth to my chin.

I assume its just a nice thing and he isnt being mean in anyway so i just cuddle him a smidge tighter.

Louis- Armstrong - ILM

I'm walkin' to- New Orleans.....
Purred: Sat Jul 30, '11 8:55am PST 
He is giving you the ultimate honor of greeting you as if you were another cat. He sounds like a real sweetheart, know you enjoy him!!! I am lucky that all my boys (except Pete Fountain) enjoy sitting on my lap, being held and cuddled and even giving me kitty kisses.