Ollie doesn't show interest in playing

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I am a new kitten owner, however my hubby had 2 adult cats when we first met they are still in our family. Anyway, so last week we found a kitten that was either born an outside kitty/ran away/or unwanted. It has been almost a week and I am nursing him back to health. He has gained weight, learned to use a litter box and likes us alot. I got him some toys and he doesn't know what to do...he just looks at them and goes off somewhere else. I got him a couple balls (soft) with some felt string and a felt braid with feahters. I try to play with him and show him how to "bat" them with his paws but he just wants to lay on my lap (sweet I know!) I just feel he's bored when we are working. He is quarantined right now from our 2 cats until we take him to the vet next week; we have to wait another week for the Feline Leukemia test to be accurate. They said he looks healthy and is about 4 months and gave us some eye ointment for his infection, so maybe that is why he's not playful?

I just want the best for this lil guy since he seems to have a rough go at life.

Thanks in advance!


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When I first brought Monida home, she didn't really play with toys either. Sometimes a feather wand, but that was about it. Then I had a foster kitty for a few days, and that kitty played with toys all the time. After that, Mo started playing. It's almost like she learned what she was supposed to do with the toys. Maybe your other cats will teach Ollie how to play? Or maybe he'll start when he feels better. It might just be his personality. I think it's ok as long as the vet seems to think he's healthy!

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Kittens have to be taught by other cats in many cases. Once you introduce baby kitty to your other cats, get them going in a play session and see if Ollie picks up cues from the others.


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i dont show any insterest in playing all that much. sometimes i will playing with a milk ring or twist ties. But that rarely ever happens, if i do play its like for five mintues and that its. i guess some cats dont like to play.

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Thanks everyone! Actually today, I was working with Ollie and I tossed a ball and he followed it, he is starting to show interest now. I think he was just resting from his journey to our house. I am glad he is responding well. I think he will love to play with our 2 cats after his next check up and vaccines. He will have a blast!! He's the sweetest thing in the world, he just looks at me with those big eyes and I just melt!

Thanks again for your help and advice, Ollie and I appreciate it smile

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Some cats don't care to play with toys. It seems like the ones that were outside/feral types had to "grow up" really fast (it's a jungle out there) and never learned. Aragorn never played much with toys but loved our game of tag together.