How much should I be eating?

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OK, I can tell this Meowma person pretty much knows 'everything' or at least has an opinion about it. But she hasn't had a kitten since she had 'barn kitties' years ago that just ate out of a huuuge bowl whenever they wanted, plus any little critters they caught. She just got me 3 days ago, and really isn't sure how much I should eat. She does not want to free feed, as the black hissing monster called "BooBoo" would probably get too fat to walk, plus I am a baby and need baby food. Besides, as everyone here seems to think wet food is much better, she wants to feed me canned, mostly. The first 2 days I had 3 oz in the morning and again at night, and eat it all, so today i got a can mid-day as well. I am 13 weeks old and weighed 5.5 pounds at the vet's office Wednesday. Is this enough food? I am not hyperactive, but do play a good bit, and have a 'stout' body shape.


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At that age, if you're only getting canned food you should eat as much as you want. (Yes, this often means closed doors between you and the adult kitties at your extra mealtimes!) 6 oz of food is usually not enough for a growing, active kitten. I know not everyone agrees, but when I have kitten fosters in I let them eat as much as they will. I haven't had an overweight one yet!


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Ok, if Meowma visits and theres no food in the bowl, she's putting more. But she says I love to eat so much that she is not going to be able to afford that much canned, so will start giving me NB kitten-to-adult which she has a whole sack full of samples of, and the hissy black monster doesn't like it. When I get to move out of the bathroom, it will be good anyway, so I can have food left out for me and it won't get eaten up from me.
IF she "gets" her deer this year, I'll get to have some of it too, especially the parts the human won't eat. So far, I apparently have NOTHING on the 'will not eat" list!

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It's only my opinion but I think that even cheaper cans would be better for her than kibble. There are flavors of Fancy Feast and Friskies that don't have grains - take a look at Alex's website: ibdkitties.net under commercial foods. Good luck - she's awfully cute!!


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Well, thats kinda a tough one, mol, I really think, it depends on the kitten. I always free fed kittens, foals are fed this way too, Bump was free fed. But, he ate like a truck driver, and by about 1 yr old, ballpark, judges are telling me he is getting too fat, my vet said he needs to lose a few lbs, and, to sched feed them, all of them. She was pretty insistant about that, and it turned out, she was right. And they all got fed in their carriers. Actually, that turned out to save Smokey's life, I might not have noticed, she was not eating, if they were all free fed in one bowl.

Sched feeding them, and feeding them seperate, is a good way, to see, if they are not eating, and a good way to make sure, they are only eating, what they are supposed to be eating, and not someone elses.

So along come the kittens. They were sched fed, they look great, nobody is overweight, and that, if ya ever been thu it, is not, something I wish on anyone. So if the kitten is big built and tends to hoover their food, I highly recommend, you discuss with the vet, how much they should get, and its a constant adjustment, you have to increase, as they grow.

My advice is to never get to the point, of having an over weight cat, some on here, can tell you horror stories.

I am so very glad, I sched fed the kittens from the start, thats all they know, they are used to it, where as Bump thinks he is being starved. Wish I had sched fed him from the start too.

Kittens do need to be on a quality grain free kitten food, and actually 1/2 can, 3oz, 3 times a day, is really enough, it should also be mixed with warm water, so its real soupy, this keeps little boy kitties flushed out, which is imperative.

I been thru this, and I'm tellin ya, free feeding, then having to cut back and sched, because the kitty is overweight, is a heck of a lot harder, than just sched feeding from the start, so kitty does not get overweight, and adjusting up or down, as the kitten grows, or weight dictates.

Rory is a beautiful red kitten!! And tell Miss Boo Boo, that Bump said, no pickin on kittens, mol, mol, mol.
And....... he is a watchin her, mol, mol, mol. laugh out loud

big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin


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Bump, I'm going back to 'feeding times', as when I put more in every time it went low he ate until he yakked it back up; he LOVES to eat and atually has a bit of a tummy that is not a 'potbelly' but seems to be FLAB! And when he's not eating, he plays a LOT, so there's only one thing to do. I think the 3 cans a day will work, plus a couple of kitty treats. BK, Meowma isn't giving him but the little sample of dry, for overnight, and it is grain free. Even the FF is 60c a can, and being unemployed right now it helps cut the cat food bill a little bit. I will remove all dry when he turns 1, I promise.
Thanks, y'all...this is my first ever inside kitten, and I know he needs more than a grown kitty but wasn't sure how much!

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Awww Rory is so cute!!! Most people say to feed their kitties as much as they want. Yea well I never did that with Hunter. I was/still am paranoid about an over weight cat. Plus I work full time, so finding a schedule for him was challenging. The good thing about Hunter is that he isn't a big eater, never has been. The most food he has ever had was 9oz I think. I'll tell you what works for me.

I feed him before I go to work, like when I'm practically walking out the door. He gets 1/2 of a 5.5 oz can, plus a few treats (to keep him from darting out the door) At 6:00am. I've tried giving him a whole can. He always left half of it there.

I come home around 3:15 or so and I give him 1/4 cup of his kibble.
and maybe sometimes if he is really hungry i'll give him a small 3oz can of fancy feast.

Right before I go to bed around 9:00pm I'll give him another 1/2 of a 5.5oz can. Plus he will finish the kibble. He will go back and forth taking a bite of the soft, then a bite of the kibble. Hes so odd.

Thats Hunters day in a nutshell.

I thought he was looking a big underweight to me, so I added kibble to the mix and now he is looking "ideal" to me. I'm very happy with the way he looks. He was having issues biting things, and since the kibble, no problems at all! He is a very active boy running around like a tornado. So I feel comfortable with the food and I know he is getting flushed out with all the wet food so a 1/4cup of kibble isn't going to hurt. Sometimes I even add water to his wet food to make sure he is flushed out.

Find a schedule that works for you. I know that if I free fed Hunter with the kibble, he would be the size of a house! Good luck and Rory is so darn cute!! wave