Introducing 6 wk old kitten to 6 wk old kitten

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This is a bit long...

About 2-3 weeks ago, my fiance and I adopted 2 kittens together, Spiuk (F) and Kuips (M) (they were about 4 weeks old at that time). They got along great because Spiuks mom had taken in the orphan Kuips. About 2 days ago, Kuips passed away, and the vet said it was just due to hereditary problems. Everyone in the family was sad because Spiuk and Kuips were our first cats and we felt guilty because we didn't have more experience to help him! Our dogs who had adopted the kittens as part of the family wouldn't get up from lying next to the box that we had put Kuips in. In all cases, we adopted another 6 week old Female kitten to keep Spiuk company.

Anyway, Spiuk has shown a lot of interest in the new kitten. But every time she play pounces on the kitten, the kitten hisses and claws at her. I'm worried because I don't know if this is normal. Should I break them up when the kitten hisses? or just let them figure it out? Is there anything else I should do to make this work out?

PS- Pictures will be up shortly!


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It's prob nothing to worry about they are just getting used to each other. 6 weeks is AWFULLY young for a kitten to be away form their mother though! The new kitty is prob stressed out missing her family and such, give her time to adjust and only break them up if it gets violent. A bit of hissing and nipping just teaches your kitten not to mess with her right now. It doesn't mean she wont be playful later on. Are you still giving them KMR or have you switched to wet food?

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Due to the over population of some of the local shelters, the cat moms have been fostering lots of stray kittens so a lot of them have been running out of milk. We adopted them to try to relieve the problem. We were giving them cat milk replacement mixed with wet food which they have been eating with no problems at around 4-5 weeks. Then we added some dry and they have since loved just the dry food. We do supplement with liquid vitamins. They've been eating, drinking and pottying in the litterbox very regularly.

How do I tell when it gets violent? I've always had dogs, so I can read them pretty well, but when it comes to kittens I feel like it's violent because of the hissing. Thanks for the advice so far!


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Kitties can play pretty rough at that age. I'm especially spunky and rough! Usually Meowmy knows when it's gone too far when one of us yells (like we got bit too hard). Most likely your first kitty is just being territorial and it'll take her a lil time to get used to the new one. Girls have a habit of thinking they own the place, so once the newer one realizes who's boss everything will smooth out! Girls tend to clash a little more than say two males or a male and female. Since they're both young, they should get along well in the end, they're just being stubborn about it. It's a normal kitty thing!

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