How to tell kitten's age/giving it a bath?

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I found a stray kitten and I would guess he is about 8 weeks old. I have not taken him to the vet as I am not sure yet if I am going to keep him or find him a good home. Is there a way to tell the approximate age of a kitten without going to the vet? He tries to nurse off of people but he eats dry cat food.

Also, I wanted to give him a bath since he's been outside and he feels like he could use one. I don't give my kitty baths (he won't let me) so I don't have any special kitty shampoo. Is there something else I can use? Would it be ok to use my shampoo just diluted down or maybe Dove kichen soap? I think I have some baby shampoo around will that work? I don't want to hurt him.

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My meowmy used some ferret shampoo on me; but she informs me that the kitchen soap would be safer. Our doctor has often told her to use lemon Joy to get rid of fleas on kittens not old enough for flea shampoo. Good luck!


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If he's still trying to nurse, he's probably younger than 8 weeks. I tried to nurse when Meowmy first got me and I was only 4 weeks old. Does your kitten still have it's baby blue eyes? Those would start to change at 4 weeks. The only other way to really tell age is by the teeth that have already come in or by learning stages.


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There eyes start to change color at 10-12 weeks so if it's still blue then he's younger that that. If he can eat solid food then he's older than 5 weeks and if he can eat dry he may be between 7-8 weeks.


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I researched a bit online when I was trying to age my kitten and found these helpful hints:
"eyes generally change from blue to blue/gray then yellow/green between 6 1/2 to 7 weeks." By 12 weeks they will be at their permanent color.
"they are unstable on their feet until around 4 weeks and can run pretty well by 5 weeks."
Aging a kitten by teeth (a little harder)...the ages are to mark when the teeth break the skin:
Center incisors (front teeth between canines) 2-3 weeks
Outer incisors (Still between canines) 3-4 weeks
Canines 3-4 weeks
Upper Molars 8 weeks
Lower Molars 4-5 weeks

Adult Teeth start coming in at 14 weeks
Center incisors 14-16 weeks
Outer incisors 16-18 weeks

I dont think your kitten could be any older than that so we'll leave it at that.