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When should I let my kitten and older cat around each other? I have had the kitten one and a half days. She is eight weeks old and my cat 4 years old. I did the whole smell her through the cat carrier and she is staying in the extra bedroom. The couple times I let them together the older cat hissed and growled at the kitten but she seems to get more upset the more she sees the kitten but is curious and watches the door to the kitten's room often but I can tell she is crabby about the situation. I expected this of course, but I want them to successfully adapt to each other. It is my first time introducing new cats. any advise?


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Wait at least a week before you let them meet and make sure it's only for a few minutes and at THEIR discretion.

here is a link with some helpful info:


one more...


and another too...


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thanks so much! those websites were very helpful! big grin


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I don't know what those links say, but here's what we've always done.

Kitten/new cat stays isolated for at least a week to make sure it doesn't develop a cold that could get transmitted. Then start doing some scent transferring. Rub a towel on kitten and then on the other cat. Then let the other cat sniff the room the kitten has been in while the kitten is elsewhere.

Do that for a couple days. Then let them see each other briefly. Judge the time depending on how upset the existing cat gets. I start with about 15 minutes, then double it the next day. When I let the cats go I supervise.

Our older Nikki never really got over Mr. Echo moving in but other than some hard bops on the head it was ok. Mr. Echo took about 3 days to get used to Tennessee, but he's just a year old. Nikki was 12. And a female. Females take it harder because they're usually the alpha. Altered males are far more laid back.

I didn't let Echo and Tennessee have a night together while I slept til it was Friday and I didn't have to go to work the next day. They had Saturday and Sunday together and had their first day together all alone on Monday. It's been peaceful and they're bonding well.

Scent transferring is also really important if you take one to the vet and the other stays home. Often the kitty that stays home will react negatively to the vet smell that gets carried home. Rubbing each with the same towel can help with that.


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I'm going to have to check out those links. My husband & I are considering getting a kitten--probably next week. I'm a teacher so I still have 2 1/2 weeks of vacation to try to monitor the interactions of the 2 cats. (Neither my husband or I have ever had cats before so any information is appreciated.)

We always thought our Hunter cat was so nice & laid back. But, we took him to the vet for his yearly appt. He did not like the vet tech holding him down for his shots and hissed SEVERAL times at her. (I actually didn't know he had it in him--I've NEVER seen him do that before. He's been to the vet about 3 or 4 times, but he certainly didn't like it this time.) It worries me that he'll react negatively to a new kitten being brought into HIS house! I don't want him spending a few days hissing at the new cat--if we do decide to get another.

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