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Spunktified- Spazziness
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Hi, I'm Katie, Mom calls me "spaz" all the time though... I am a very very very spunky 4 month old Calico kitten. I just looooove to play at all hours of the day, and night, and morning, and evening! I think I only get a few hours sleep every day because that's just time wasted that I could be playing!! Anyhow-- mom keeps yelling at me for a few things, and I think she just doesn't understand me. She puts out a water bowl for me and Jayda every morning, and I just can't help but want to play with it! Yeah it spills alllll over the kitchen floor, but thats half the fun right? And then she is always yelling at me to get off Jayda. She even uses that water bottle trick to try to discipline me, but she is figuring out quick that the water bottle is another game to me!! I am a rare kitty that likes water!!!! Well anyhow I just can't help but attack Jayda whenever she is the in the same room!! Or when she is sleeping, eating, or even in the cat box (heeheehee)! I mean, mom got me to entertain Jayda and keep her company right? Well then I am doing my job!! I don't even let Jayda on mom and dads bed, she's got to fight for it! And hey, she gives up too early anyways! I guess Jayda doesn't like me too much though. Anyhow.... do any other catsters out there have any suggestions for my mom as to my spunkitifed spazzy behaviors? (I am just naming a few in this post actually...)
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Hey-- It's Jadya, Katie's older cat she she attacks all the time...
I don't know what mom was thinking bringing a kitten into the house!! I am still not over it, and it's been over 2 months! I can't hardly stand this kitten, she won't leave me in peace EVER! Not even in the box... Drives me crazy. And she follows me around the house jumps on me, and stalks me every other second. I can't even get on the bed to cuddle with mom like I used to because Katie is always there playing with her toys on the bed and as soon as she spots me on the bed she attacks me and chases me off!!! Katie has made my life miserable, and I don't know what I did to mom and dad to deserve this punishment..... cry


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No, no, no. That won't do. It might be that I am an only cat, and I would be pretty pissed if mommy didn't pay me attention anymore, but Jayda shouldn't have to suffer having her own house and owners entirely taken over by the newcomer.

Jayda, mommy says that if the water spraying doesn't get the kitten into line, your mommy should try this tactic: take an aluminum can (a used soda can works, or one of those little aluminum cans you use to store spices or other small kitchen things), fill it with pennies, close it on top securely, even going so far as taping it to make sure coins don't spill out. Then when the kitten is being mean to you, ask mommy to shake the can very near to her, which should spook her to get her to stop.

Mommy had to do this with me. I didn't love water per se, but spraying was not deterring me long enough not to repeat bad behavior all the time. She'd spray, I'd look bewildered for a second, and then I would go right back to what I was doing. With the can, it would freak me out enough where I'd run away. When I'd come back, I'd usually be wary enough for a while so that the behavior stopped. Of course at first it would only stop for 5 minutes, but with repeated practice, I learned never to do anything bad in the first place!

The only problem that I can foresee is that you might run off along with the kitten, but that's not as important as making the behavior in the kitten stop. Besides, what your mom can also start doing once the shaky can gets the kitten to behave less aggressively, is to reward her when she is being nice to you. For example, if she sees you go into the litter box but does not approach it, mommy should give her a treat and react with verbal praise. That way the kitten might stop harrassing you.

Another thing mommy can do is to make sure there are at least 1 more litter box in the house than there are cats (so in your case, 3 litter boxes total), and make sure that at least two of them are on opposite sides of the house. This will make it so that you can figure out which litter box the kitten is hanging out by, and go poo in the one on the other side. Since the kitten can't be in two places at once, you can get to poo in peace.

Also, ask mommy to pick up Katie once in a while and put her down outside the bedroom, so that you and mommy can have some alone time. Maybe Katie will be upset enough about being shut out of the bedroom that she'll at least play nice for the sake of not being left out.

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I think we're soul sisters cuz I'm just as spazy and spunky as you! I get into a lot of trouble and Meowmy has a hard time disciplining me because I'm overly sensitive. Water bottles freak me out, yelling frightens me and being hit...forget that! I'd hide for days if that happened. Toby had a tendancy to knock water bowls over. Mom decided to stop that by making it impossible to spill. She got one of those bowl sets that comes with a wrought iron feeding station that the bowls sit in. Ours came from Target. So it sits up in the air and cant be knocked over. I used to like playing with a fake plant, Meowmy stopped that by spraying training aid on it. I havent touched that plant since. It was a fun toy too. frown As far as playing with Jayda...only Jayda can stop Katie! Or I guess over-playing and just being too tired would stop her too! MOL