anyone else have a Napoleon Complex?

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Purred: Fri Aug 3, '07 9:34pm PST 
So Kermit and Otis are twins but Otis is the 'runt' of his small litter (they had a sister but I couldn't adopt her) and he is quite scrawny and lean while Kermit is very muscular and robust...
Otis will just go over to Kermit, who will be asleep, and pounce and attack him! He gets in these moods where all he wants to do is strut around and be a little terror. Heaven help my mother or I if we attempt to cuddle him when he feels rather militant.
They just turned 4 months today.

Does anyone else have a little Napoleon complex kitten?


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Purred: Sat Aug 4, '07 7:11am PST 
I try to look mean and tough when I play. I usually pounce around with my tail fluffed up and try to attack Dusty. I think it's fun, it's just how I like to play. It sounds like your Napoleon Complex kitty just has a dominant personality. He's gotta be the tough guy, ya know.

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Purred: Sun Aug 5, '07 6:38am PST 
Well, I just ended being a kitten, but I still remember what I was like when I was littler(I didn't grow very big). From the first day I got to be with the big kitties, I took control. If I wanted it, it became mine. Food, water, toys; noone would stand in my way. It stayed that way until my new younger sister, Sky, showed up. Now, she's bigger and younger than me, and I'm still trying to get used to the idea of not being top kitty anymore. Anyways, it's either just kitten behavior or a dominant personality coming into command. Good luck.