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-_- Confused mommy please help!-_-

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions - big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.


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Purred: Wed Jul 25, '07 10:11pm PST 
OK I have a kitten who is 4 months and he has developed the habit of every night before he goes to bed comeing up to me and licking my face, around my eyes and on my cheeks and forhead. What is he doing does anyone know?
Also he has a bad habit of attacking the 'demons' wiggling in my bed which just HAPPEN to be my toes. I've trimmed his claws to prevent damage to my digits but is there some way I can get him to stop completely? To add to that He's found it fun to sit on my chest when I'm almost asleep and tug and chew at my necklaces. What is this and what can I do about it. He doesn't care about his own collar but I can't wear any necklace with out him trying to pull it off. He's started to do this with my bracellets too what is it and what can I do about it?
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Purred: Thu Jul 26, '07 12:51pm PST 
I am only a 7 week old kitten but i do the same things!

its fun to be a kitten! You will miss it when we get older.

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Purred: Thu Jul 26, '07 1:17pm PST 
Yeah I am nine weeks and I lick moms face before I go to bed too. I don't have any really good advice for you but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.


I'm a evil- little monster!
Purred: Thu Jul 26, '07 4:29pm PST 
I know we won't be able to be kittens for ever =^+^= but my mommy is still confuse *giggles* it's fun to confuse her!


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Purred: Fri Jul 27, '07 6:53am PST 
Licking - Jarrek is either telling you "I like you" or "Get up and play with me". Either way, if you just ignore the licking when it's inappropriate, and lavish with praise when it is, Jarrek will get the idea and lick you more when you're more likely to respond positively.

Necklaces and other jewelry - they dangle. What's not to like? I love it when mommy wears a necklace, I play with them all the time! Mommy doesn't wear necklaces in her sleep though, which was a rule she had before she got me. Her neck is very sensitive, so she has woken up sore from them before. This does cut down on my tomfoolery with them a little. cry As for playing with bracelets, do not pull them away from their mouths, it becomes a game with no end. I played with mommy's silver watch all the time at first, but I grew bored of it once mommy stopped tugging it away from me and let me paw and lick at it (she did say it was disgusting, but at least I wouldn't claw at it if I had full access).

Sitting on your chest while in bed - daddy wasn't pleased with my tries to do so, so to discorage me he would roll to the side and I would fall off, then I would get scared that daddy would keep rolling and crush me! It made me a lot more respectful of daddy's personal space. Mommy isn't as bad, but I know she doesn't want to be messed with if she turns her back to me while in bed. I figured that out over time. And if I'm persistent, my mommy and daddy have a can full of coins with the opening on top taped up for safety. They shake it near enough to make a jingly sound that scares me a bit, which gets me to back off. As I've learned what things made them shake it, I've come to do those things less.


I'm a evil- little monster!
Purred: Sat Jul 28, '07 3:20pm PST 
Mommy doesn't mind me sleepin g on her. My purring helps her to sleep. She calls it her personal lullaby =^-^= Thank you everone for your help. And to answer on why she wears it to sleep is simple. She never takes it off it's the last thing her big brother gave to her before he moved to NY. She was in a rough spot her boyfriend of 1 year had just told her he was gay!! So her brother Vos got it for her so she would never forget how to love. =^-^= that's the story ANYWAY I got to go I hear mommy calling me. Many purrs to you!kitty


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Purred: Tue Jul 31, '07 9:26pm PST 
I used to attack the demon-toes when I was little. If your meowmy doesn't mind getting a little wet, a spray bottle w/water works wonders. It got so that I would just hear her pick it up and would stop attacking the demon-toes.