HELP! *New Kitten* WORRIES!

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It's all about- meeee--any- questions?!?!?
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Well, so many new cats keep turning up near my house. I think someone has dropped them off However, one has 3 kittens, and she doesn't even look old enough to be a mommy cat.

5 days ago I took the runt. She's very small, but litter trained in a matter of hours, and eats very very well (canned food). Going by the size of the other 2 kittens, my runt (Olivia) is probably 5-6 wks old.

THE PROBLEMconfused I took her to the vet yesterday for a check up. She has ear mites, round worm, and sneezes from time to time so she's on antibiotic. The F. Leukemia test won't be back for 3-5 days. I am SO WORRIED she's going to have it. I worry that I'm going to infect my Poindexter Doodle and wash my hands constantly.

Right now the kitty (Olivia) has been staying in a bathroom, where she is content so far. However the past day or so my Poindexter has grown interested in the bathroom door and whats behind it. She too, comes to the door quite often when he's there.

Any ideas on how to deter either of them from hanging out at the door? An odor they wouldn't like, anything?? I need some support. Ideas. Other stories.

Also I don't know what to do if Olivia comes back positive from F. Leukemia. I'm already in love with her (pictures and her own catster to come soon).

Poindexter wasn't vaccinated for F. Leukemia because he was going to be kept indoors. However we now have an appointment on the 31st to get his shot.

Please, I need some input.
Thanks to all in advance.wave


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If you want a yucky scent, they sell training aids that smell and taste like bitter apple. Us kitties HATE that! When I was locked in the bathroom (for the same reason as Olivia), Meowmy would stick a towel in front of and partially under the door so no playing would go on between us kitties. Or if you have one of those draft stoppers (fabric covered rolls which they still have at Christmas Tree Shop) that'd work too. I had a lot of toys in the bathroom w/ me to keep me busy and not curious about my other kitty mates! big grin


It's all about- meeee--any- questions?!?!?
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Thank you Mia. My mommy has been investigating some sprays to keep me away from my new kitty mate until she has a clean bill of health. I'm just so fearless that nothing has ever really worked in the past. I don't mind water, or sticky paws, or loud noises. My mom thinks I act more like a dog than a cat. I'm thinking she's going to break down and try it tho, maybe she'll get lucky this time.

Oh and she made Olivia a page of her own if you'd like to meet my new kitty sister. She has a bunch of hand me down toys in the bathroom with her, I can hear her playing with them from time to time. Purrrrrr! She gets the toys I didn't really like.

I'll keep you posted on whether or not we get along or not.smile

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Hi I don't understand why it takes days for this test to come back, I just got a kitten I rescued tested at it took 5 minutes for the results. Ask them to do a SNAP test and find out what is taking so long!


It's all about- meeee--any- questions?!?!?
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Our vets office doesn't have a lab, they send everything out. It stinks, I know.