What breed am I?

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Purred: Sat Jul 21, '07 9:00pm PST 
I'm orange with very faint stripes on my body, and visible brownish stripes on my tail and legs.
I have a white belly and grey/blue eyes.
My head is very slightly flat (my mom says it's like a Persian's but I don't think so).
If it would matter at all, I'm about nine inches long, including the tail when it's stretched out, and 2 weeks old.
My owner is just dying to know what I am. =0

Nicholas D.- Wolfwood

Purred: Sun Jul 22, '07 7:06am PST 
Well you look like an American Shorthair - Orange Tabby. Persian Kittens have a flat face. It is hard to tell so young if you have anything else in you, maybe you will develop different when you get a bit older!