Two kittens for Adoption - Columbia, SC

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions - big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Hello, and thank you for reading our topic. We are two sweet little kittens looking for forever home(s). Please take a moment to look at our profile, and read our bio.

We are very lucky to be staying with a great family at the moment. They are going to make sure that we find another great family to take care of us. kitty

Note from family - Please send us a message if you are interested in adopting one or both of these beautiful kittens. We look forward to hearing from YOU!!kitty

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Dear sweethearts..please post your plea for help on the groups for ferals and strays...they are great on finding good homes for kitties in need...check out "Fabulous ferals","Foster families forever","Ferals cats united","Over the rainbow"....

I am sure you will get to a good home soon!!
YOu are adorable!

And bless the heart of your foster family...what a great bunch of humans!!!

GOOD LUCK CUTIE PIES!!!!!!!!!! hug