Breeder and Food requirment: Conflict of Interest?

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We are looking into adopting a Russian Blue Kitten. I emailed a Cattery in NJ called ARCHANGELS CATTERY http://home.comcast.net/~bbernard234/archangelskitties.html

I recieved the following email back:


Thank you for your request to adopt a kitten.

We are very particular about the homes that we choose to place our kittens into for adoption. We want to place our kitties in homes that want a healthy kitty from us; not to just get one quickly from any breeder. Below is a description about what is of utmost importance, secondary to love, when choosing homes to place our kittens into.

We feed our cats and raise our kittens on a natural and organic diet; free from preservatives, by-products, undigestible fillers, hydrogenated oils, hormones, antibiotics, etc. This is the most important step in preventing life threatening illness and degenerative diseases that compromise our pets health and cause them to suffer and die at a young age. Although the food may seem to be more expensive; it really is not since they don't have to eat as much. The diet prevents high-cost veterinarian bills and extends the quality of the life of your pet. We are not like many other breeders who sell kittens, and a year or two later there are serious health issues to deal with due to poor and improper nutrition. We offer the healthiest kitten possible and want to be sure they stay that way.

We strive to place our kittens with persons who are willing to give our kitties the best care and optimal nutrition. Especially now, more than ever with the recalls, we strive to place our kitten in a home that will provide an appropriate diet. We do require in our adoption contract and health guarantee that the persons adopting a kitten keep them on the diet that they are used to here; and purchase the Life's Abundance and Instinctive Choice cat food from the website below BEFORE the kitty leaves to go to their new home, so that the food that they are used to eating here is at their new home before their arrival.

Our pet food company is very different from products sold in stores that sit on shelves for 1 year to 18 months; and is guaranteed fresh within 3 weeks of being made. It also comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee should you not be completely satisfied.

We ask you an important question: If there was a pet food that would make your pet live a longer, healthier life; along with preventing disease, suffering, and unneccessary trips to the veterinarian, would you use it?

If so, we ask that you please click this link (or copy and paste into your browser) and go to the website http://www.JustHealthyPetFood.com to watch the short 15 minute video entitled:
Do you really know what's in your pet's food?

It is a very important mission for us, as well as an important responsibility of any reputable breeder; to help educate pet lovers about what ingredients should and should not be in the pet food that they choose to feed their pet. Especially since there is such rise in the decreased life span and increase of disease such as kidney, diabetes, heart, and cancer. Not to mention what is presently going on in the pet food industry today, these companies can no longer be trusted.

Should you be seriously interested in a kitten from us; please contact us by e-mail or phone at the number below AFTER you have reviewed the above video. We can discuss adoption policies and costs, being placed on our waiting list, and answer any other questions you may have.

Should you decide that our cattery is not for you; please respond with a referral request. We will gladly refer you to other reputable catteries in your area.

Thank you for your inquiry,

Kevin & Beth Bernard
Archangels Cattery

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Now it seems to me that the cattery and the food co are owned by the same people. Is this a conflict of interest? It's a no brainer that I would research foods and go with an option that I feel is sound, but to be contractualy obligated to order one certain type of food seems a bit odd to me.

Do any of you have experience with this cattery or food?

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I don't have experience with either, but it seems to me that they are more worried about what food you feed the kitten than other important aspects of what makes a good home. There are plenty of other great foods out there- they shouldn't require that you use that one. If they are indeed co-owned by the same people, it would seem to me that they are just using the kittens as a way to sell their food, which is wrong, of course. I see lots of red flags- I'd say look for a kitten elsewhere.


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That's definately not a place I would be interested in getting a kitty from! It's shady, if anything.

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I found a breeder who I realy like, and we chatted for nearly an hour. She actualy knows the breeder I mentioned above, and gave us the 411 on the food.

Basicaly the pet food company is like a Pet food Amway-esque priramyd scheem. She said they had chatter before, and the conversation tended to end in a "you should switch to / sell this brand of food". I had emailed the "food pusher" about the food contract asking if it was a life-time contract, or just a requirment to keep kitty on the same food when you first bring her home. The responce:

"Proper nutrition is a lifetime requirement. We also require any other pets in the home to be switched."

sheesh... eek

I think not. Buddy the dog stated that "like heck he was giving up his solid gold" He then ran to his lamb jerky treats and cried.

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Anyone trying to legally obligate me to switch Retsina's food can keep their sales-bait kittens. (Or Aquavit's or Addy's, either, but Retsina's the one with the food allergies and iffy digestion.)

I'd have some sympathy with a breeder trying to ensure that you had the food their kittens were on for a transition period--but not for this kind of attempted strong-arm food-sales tactic.

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Hi - if the original poster is still out there, may I ask who the breeder is that you decided to purchase a Russian Blue from? I live north of Philly and looking for a reputable breeder with morals and love for the breed.


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How do you feel, about traveling?

I show on the CFA circuit and got contacts, and I can tell you what to do. Paw mail me if your interested. No, I don't breed.


http://www .cfainc.org/client/cbrs.aspx


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We are Burmese here and Meowma is a breeder, but says THE best place to find a good breeder is breedlist.com , the lady that puits the site together is very professional and also great at keeping out kitten mills, cutedy advertising, and bad breeders. It's easily THE best site for breeders and buyers in our opinion, to the point Meowma won't renew other ads where she gets too many weird inquiries.