Candy for Cats

This is the place to share your best homemade cat food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your cat's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.


Stoopid Kitty
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 6:34pm PST 
I'm sure this sounds terrible, but my cats LOVE candy. They will eat peppermints, candy corn, and M&Ms. I know that none of this is really good for them, but can they have it once in a while? I never give any to Hayley anymore because of her GDS (Gastric Dumping Syndrome), but the other kitties enjoy a sweet candy treat once in a while (away from Hayley so she doesn't get jealous). Is this okay or should I not be doing this? My kitties really have a sweet tooth! They will beg from the candy jar! laugh out loud


Ambassador at- the Kitty U.N.
Purred: Mon Nov 29, '10 5:28am PST 
Personally I think this is a really bad idea. In addition to things like chocolate being poisonous to cats, the chemicals and sugar in candy is not good. Please don't feed candy to your cats.


Damien Gunther - I'm a handsom- man
Purred: Tue Nov 30, '10 7:08pm PST 
They sell something called CAT CANDY at Petco. Do NOT give chocolate to your cats!


king of my home
Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 9:35pm PST 
I agree it might be a really bad ideal to let them have candy. I know it is hard to deny them but I am getting really good at tellig my kitties "no" I hope it will make it easier on both them and me as they will have fewer health issues.


It's Alright to- be Little Bitty
Purred: Mon Dec 6, '10 5:26pm PST 
It is not a good idea to give candy to cats.


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Purred: Tue Dec 7, '10 1:11pm PST 
No offense but I'm truly floored that you do this. As the others have said, candy is just the worst idea! Chocolate is toxic to cats and sugars, sugar substitutes, sweeteners, chemicals in the candy, etc. is doing nothing but damaging their livers having to filter all of that out and making their pancreas work very hard. All of this can lead to diabetes, pancreatitis, liver disease, clogged arteries, etc. A cat's system is so much more sensitive than a humans. You have to understand that by saying NO, you're being a much better parent in the long run. shock


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Purred: Sun Dec 12, '10 4:23am PST 
How about drugs?


I'm a stud!
Purred: Sun Dec 12, '10 5:47pm PST 
...Heh heh heh, catnip that is!