Is it considered homemade if . . .

This is the place to share your best homemade cat food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your cat's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.


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You include store bought canned cat food in the recipe?

I asked about this before in the raw section but lost track of the thread and never really saw any answers.

What I would like to do is grind up whole mice, to start just mice, and add it with water to some store bought canned cat food. My goal would be to eventually offer my own raw blend to my cat Silver.

I don't really want to add anything other than the mouse to start. Right now he is eating canned with added water so it would not be a big adjustment I don't think.

Also if kept in a container with a well fitting lid how long should the mix keep in the fridge? I was thinking of making 6 meals worth at a time. (that would be 3 mice and 3 cans of food with about 2/3 cup of water)

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I would consider that "partial raw" rather than homemade.

I would suggest grinding and freezing the mice separately in portion sizes, then just thawing the amount you need for the day or for two days at a time, and mixing it together the day you'll be using it.