Diabetic cat recipes PLEASE!!!

This is the place to share your best homemade cat food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your cat's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.

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Meow All!!

I am looking for some Diabetic cat recipies for my mommy to make for me I eat the regular food. But it is just maintaining my weight, which mommy and the vet say that I need to put on 3 to 5 pounds to be an ideal weight. Mommy has tried feeding me wet food along with my other food, but I only like it for a little bit then it starts to bother my tummy and my bum (ouch ring of fire) red face So if anyone has got some yummy recipes for diabetic kitties (food or treats)please forward them to my mommy so that I can put a couple of more pounds on for her, oh and I am a very active kitty too even though i am diabetic. Oh and nothing with catnip in it for some reason that makes my diabeties jump all over the place, the vet said that she has never heard of that happening before cause she looks after alot of diabetic kitties, but she is keep this in mind for other ones that she looks after!!



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I Found Lots of them here! Diabetic Cat Food Recipies!


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Merrick's Thanksgiving Day dinner soft food can be feeed to diabetic cats. It a favorite here and we have no diabetics. It contains lots of good things including olive oil and flax seed which shoud help the tummy.

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Lots of Humans make homemade RAW food for their diabetic cats. Not me, though. My Human buys me low carb canned foods. I don't like RAW foodshrug

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None of us are diabetic, but Morgan the Pirate Gato is... maybe your
mama can contact him? I know he likes the cat treats called Pity
The Kitty...


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I'm no expert but have your mommy look online to get info on "Wellness Formula" cat food. here's a link for your convenience http://www.omhpet.com/wellness/cat_index.html

It's holistic (natural and organic), has only whole grains - no fillers like wheat gluten or cornmeal that can give a kitty food or skin allergies and that are not the proper fiber or carbs. This food has whole grain brown rice, carrots, cranberries, for antioxidants, good "bacteria" like acidophilus (like we humans get from yogurt) that aids in digestion and Human-grade quality meats, not weird animal parts or by-products. Plus it tastes great - I've been eating it since I was 6 weeks old and I am now 6 years old!

I wish you all the best in your search!
meow and good chow,
Sammy >^..^

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Wellness has grain-free canned foods. Grains are not good for us diabetics. They have a high glycemic content and that keeps our blood glucose levels high. Even brown rice is bad. Even things that are not grains but are starchy (ie carbs) and have a high glycemic content makes our blood glucose levels high. Potatoes makes my blood glucose levels go very high.


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I think you definitely need to check this reference website: http://cat-recipes.blogspot.com
there are a lot of recipes there.
Good Luck wink