Birthday cakes for cats?

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Bald is- Beautiful
Purred: Mon May 28, '07 7:25am PST 
My birthday is in July, and my humans are wanting to make me a cat-friendly birthday cake to eat! Can anyone suggest a recipe? Thanks!


Head of- household
Purred: Thu May 31, '07 9:52pm PST 
Hi there! Try doing a search in the forums for "birthday cakes for cats".

Toffy kitty


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Purred: Tue Jun 5, '07 4:13pm PST 
oh i found this


i love- Catster.com-
Purred: Tue Jun 5, '07 4:14pm PST 

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Hello Kitty
Purred: Thu Jun 7, '07 1:01am PST 
And Pumpkin here is the cake on that site:


Very cute!! Our group got one for one of our friends for his bday:

*See a picture on Picasso's page*


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I want to make a cake for Phanto cheerapplause
I think it would be great to give my kitty a birthday partypartypartyeek but he doesn't like to eat spongy stuff, it just licks it and walks away. He does like spaghetti-o's on occasion! And spinach too! way to gokittyshrug