New here

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Here comes- trouble
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 10:10pm PST 
I'm new here and just wanted to say Hi but lets do it in a whisper okaycloud 9


Who says I'm not- a dog?!
Purred: Wed Aug 20, '08 3:59pm PST 
Hi, nice to meet you Morgan...big grin....but you might have to speak up a little if you want any Himmies here to hear ya.

Why are we whispering? Is everyone snoozing?.....eek

Lil Miss Misty

Lil Himilayan- Persian Babiiee
Purred: Thu Aug 28, '08 4:22pm PST 
wink Well I'm a little Himilayan Persian and I say MEOW as loud as you possibly can!!!

P.S: I'm new too, so your not the only one,
maybe we could help each other out?shrug