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Hi there, I've lived with my human for about two years now. (Almost three.) She used to bottle feed me and everything. But now I'm a big, strong, cross-eyed, pain in the tail.

My human has read that we Himalayans are a mix of Persians and Siamese. Is that true? Are their any health concerns particular to those breeds that we should be thinking about. She's heard something about Siamese having difficulty with their teeth and sensitive digestive tracts.

Thoughts? Comments?


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you look just like me. Welcome!!


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Hi Wyll,
I had heard as well that Himalayan's were a mix of Siamese and Persians. This does come with a few health issues. The main one for me is my teeth- because of the shape of our faces saliva is not easily able to move in our mouths so we tend to have a lot of problems with tarter, plaque and gum infections. I hadn't particuarly heard of a more sensitive stomach than other cats, I thought vomiting was just part of being a feline. It seems my human is cleaning up my hairballs and vomit at least as often as the other cat's in my house. But by being well groomed, if you can stand that sort of thing, hairballs are significantly decreased. And I'm not sure from which side of our ancestry this comes, but Himalayans also have thinner, more sensitive skin. So make sure your human is careful when grooming and clipping because our delicate skin is more easily irritated and injured.
Those are the only health issues with which I or my human have had any experience, though I'm sure there are others.


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Persians are particularly vulnerable to PKD, a kidney disease. Since Himmies are part of the Persian breed, I would extrapolate that Himmies are also at risk. Here is a site with good info on PKD.


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Here is what we know from experience!!!

I have Inflammatory Bowel disease, always had a problem with my GI tract since a young age. I have vomited all my life.
All of the Persians and Himmies at our house have had gum problems. Felica had kidney disease, but only when she turned 19, so her kidneys held up well!
Yes, we are a cross between Persians and Siamese.