Meet Fidel Catsrow

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Mrs Moggs

manyana manyana
Purred: Wed Nov 21, '07 1:23am PST 
Hello everyone, I seem to be the only poster on the Havana Brown thread.

We have one little boy agesd three months call Fidel.
Please tell me about your catskitty

Serenade (In- Loving- Memory)

Brown and- Bratty!
Purred: Sun Dec 23, '07 12:53pm PST 
Hi Mrs. Moggs (not a Havana!! )

Fidel is a lovely one -- I can tell you are not in the US though, as Havana Browns here and Havanas there (UK and Europe) do not really have the same standard. In the US, Fidel would be considered a chestnut Oriental Shorthair. We love the color though!!! Not many Havanas on either side of the pond, and unfortunately half the ones listed as Havana here on Catster are NOT Havanas in any way.

Anyway, nice to see a pretty UK example of a Havana!!

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