Bathing cats and preventing shedding. HELP!

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Purred: Thu Feb 18, '16 12:09pm PST 
I know you can bathe cats but you have to be careful and that it is 'healthy' I guess to give them a bath once in a while to prevent matting and shedding. I just need advice and tips on bathing cats. My 2 girls are 3 years old and I swear they are CONSTANTLY shedding. I would like to give them both a bath but I want to do it correctly.

Are there any specific shampoos and conditioners and combs you suggest? I don't have any for pets right now except for a 'dematting' brush. Should I use a pet comb for that or what things would you recommend?


Purred: Thu Oct 6, '16 2:28am PST 
I can't believe I'm just seeing this. Sorry about that. Are you still around? We only have three kitty's living in our house and it's only fur mum Raza that gets a bath. I'm no expert but as I understand it, some say it's best to comb first before bathing as the mats are hard to get out if you do it after. But maybe someone else will give another take on it. But for us, we make sure Raza is fairly knot free, and also not right after we have given her flea meds. Before she gets one. If this helps purrs Sam
BTW how did you go I'm assuming you have trey it by now.