Any tips on preventing mats?

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Poor Grymm's been developing mats right behind his ears. I brush him several times a week, and I haven't noticed mats anywhere else, but these ones keep coming back. He HATES it when I try to work them out- and no surprise, they're in a tender spot. Grymm's a longhaired kitty, so I know grooming is just part of life, but this weekly fight I have with him is less than pleasant. Does anyone have any tips on how I can keep his fur from matting up in the first place?

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Tough one, I had to have Balty shaved when I couldn't get the mats out. It would be too painful for him if I combed him. frown


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I do not pull them. My Juliette gets them now and then. I work at them slowly and they do come out. Be patient.

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Some people with long haired cats use a stitch remover to help get mats out. Mats usually form when the fur gets greasy - I use Psssssst(dry shampoo) to help remove the grease. If your cat won't let you spray him - try using cornstarch on a makeup brush and brush/dab it in, let it be for a day or 2 and then gently comb it out. A brush won't help here - you need a wide-toothed comb, I think.
Degreasing once a week should do the trick. Applying an anti static coat conditioner should help too.

Good luck!

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