Keeping overweight cat clean.

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Syn (In- Memory)

Blue-Eyed Sugar- Bear
Purred: Tue Feb 21, '12 4:44pm PST 
I have a 15 year old cat who is overweight. I have him on a diet but we have a long way to go. He has not be able to clean himself past his belly in years. Lately he goes to his box and lays there to pee and gets it on him. If I am around, I will immediately clean him with a towel. However, I am not always here and doing this has made him very mad. He also gets wet litter attached to his belly and between his back legs, which can dry to his hair if I am not around and is not noticeable unless I pick him up and put him on the bed and then I can feel it. Ive had to take a warm wash cloth to get it wet enough for me to get off of him. I am worried that he might get an infection of some sorts. My partner tells me that his hair will grow and it will fall out. I almost want to give him a bath, but he would kill me and hasnt had a bath since he was about two years old. Should I be worried about infection on him by being dirty? I do my best to keep him clean, but its not easy sometimes. Any help and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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