CFA Cat show Breeders/Judges...I need help

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I am new to this cat showing! I would like some tips and step by step intructions on bathing and grooming my red with white Maine Coon for the CFA shows. I would also like to know the name of the products you highly recommend and where to buy it from. Of course I want him to look his best but I need your help PLEASE!
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Find Harvey's mom or Bumpurr's mom, and look in the groomer's thread. I also suggest jouining the cfa Newbee group which you can find at cfa.org where you can ask for info and get a ton of it from people there who want to help us new show people. I'm not much help,as my breed is supposed to have a very short coat that is just like silk, sort of the opposite of what you want. (And you would be surprised just how hard it is to get us to look perfect!)


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I dont have Maine Coons but if you need help shoot me over an email (pawmail) and I can answer some questions and give you products I suggest.


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Thank You. I will continue to try to find some answers. Molokai has his first show coming up in January so I really hope that someone will help me out soon.

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Sent you a pawmail. Forgot to mention, you might want to do a practice show bath asap before the show to see how you like the products you decide to use. Sometimes it takes some experimenting to find what products work best for you. Right before a show is not the best time to be experimenting with new products.


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True. Harvey and his sisters have silky fur. Umesaburo's children are greasy. Harvey and his sisters tolerate blow drying. Umesaburo's children do not. I now realize that I overcleaned Lowell and Harvard (who made Regional Winner anyway). They would have done better with a show bath on Thursday night. EXCEPT that they, being Maine Coons, love to play with water, leading to poodle curls on the stomach. Harvey I would groom at 4 am. Thirty minutes for bath, one hour for drying. Use lots of paper towels. The feet take the longest to dry. If you cannot use a blow dryer, it takes at least five hours for a medium-haired Maine Coon to dry, even with a space heater directed on it. Depending on your cat, same day grooming, day before grooming, or day day before grooming may be best. You won't know until you have tried. If my experience in Japan is true, judges and other exhibitors will give you feedback. Do not expext perfection the first time. You learn as you go. I have three Regional Winners, and am still learning.