observation about thick-coated smoke kitty

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jadyn liana- macavity-bla- ck

god heard, god- answered, the- mystery cat
Purred: Wed Nov 2, '11 1:09am PST 
anybody else ever been grooming a densely-coated smoke kitty and started getting a little weirded out by the visuals? like, the illusion that your cat is aging right before your eyes, then flickering back to her normal self? or do you ever get tracers?
no. i am not on any drugs i should not be. however, i DO need glasses-but she's literally inches away from me, so...cat on moon anybody?

(btw, jadyn isn't actually black, that's just her 'last' name...she's a deep, rich brown. i'm calling her a chocolate-smoke because it's as close as i can get-when she is near something that is actually black, you can tell.)