Dirty face!

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little red- biscuit head
Purred: Fri Jan 7, '11 6:01pm PST 
I let Meowma wipe my eyes and ears with no problem, but I've gotten my face dirty with all my running and diving up uder the bed, the sofa, and every other dust bunny nest in the house. My face now has a noticeable gray tint! So, without putting soap on my face, how the heck do you get it off. Acrtually, I couldn't care less, so can someone please tell Meowma I'm just fine with my five o clock shadow?

Mac's Cat

I am what is- called, a- recycled Cat!
Purred: Sat Jan 8, '11 10:45pm PST 
I love your motto; "little red biscuit head"
I would not worry to much about your five o'clock shadow. But if Meowma really does not like it, she could try a kitty wipe to remove it.
I do not know if this will work, but she cal always try them.
I always have dust bunnies and stuff all over my fur! Meowma has to get the comb out all the time to remover them!
But good luck and please let us all know what you decide to do and how it works.


little red- biscuit head
Purred: Tue Jan 11, '11 12:56pm PST 

Miss Puff

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Purred: Thu Jan 13, '11 9:58am PST 
I was hoping Bumpurr's Mom would have a "show cat" answer for you. But since she is working on not smoking, she may be too distracted to see this. shrug
I hope you get an answer that works soon.