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Purred: Wed Oct 27, '10 12:57pm PST 
A friend of my mom's ferret passed away not too long ago and she gave mom a box of things to give to people who needed them. A couple things no one wanted were a kitty shampoo (yeah!) and a ferret spray on cologne scent: fresh laundry or somthing like that. MOL! We were wondering if cats can use it since its safe for ferrets?

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Purred: Wed Oct 27, '10 2:11pm PST 
I wouldn't ever use anything at all with scents, colognes, essential oils, fragrances, etc. on a cat! EVER! Cats cannot filter these things in their liver and they are extremely toxic to them. I would throw it out. eek


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Purred: Mon Nov 1, '10 4:24pm PST 
In the higher end pet stores, they do have perfume, per say, for pets, seems like its mostly for doggies, have no idea, if that is allowed in doggie shows or not, mol, but some show people use them, as long as it says it is safe for cats.

I don't only because you might get a judge who might now like the scent, even tho you do, mol, or a judge that the scent reminds them of a bad time in their life, or might just be allergic to perfumes.

I don't know anything about ferrets, but just because it is safe for a ferret, doesn't mean its safe for a cat.
You never ever ever want to use horse products on a cat, even tho, they are safe for horses.

I agree with Alex, just throw it out, best to be safe than sorry. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

Miss Puff

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Purred: Fri Nov 19, '10 7:16pm PST 
When grooming, Meowma used a spray on cats. But I would recommend that you call your vet and ask if it is safe. Because Ferrets also groom themselves. We have 2 Ferrets that live with us.Itachi and Dito are there names.


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Purred: Sun Dec 26, '10 11:58am PST 
We kittiesdon't need cologne anyway...not to hurt any pet's feelings, but doggies have , ahem, an odor if they aren't freshly washed. and ferrets KEEP one no matter what. Please don't put smellies on your kitty!


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There's no more delicious odor than that of a healthy, freshly groomed (self-groomed) kitty! A close second, maybe, to laundry that's been dried in the sun. Cats don't need colognes. Some cats DO need the occasional shampoo, even non show kitties, and I recommend an odorless shampoo (F1R2 is my preference, although it's expensive and may be available over the Internet). I used to use the House of Jerob products, and although they work well, you have to rinse forever to get rid of the scent. Harvey used to spend entire cat shows trying to lick the odor off his body. One assumes that this scent was safe for kitties, but they don't tend to like it. So, the answer to cologne is no. Do you have any other ferret friends?
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if your kitty is smelly, something is afoot! (tee hee get it?)

but seriously my feral cat spends most of her time outdoors and never once has this cat been washed and she sleeps in my bed. I am a clean fanatic I have a maid twice a week that cat I can bury my face in her. As a former dog person I am fascinated at how cats do not smell.

On the other hand! My two new kittens did have an odor coming from the shelter. I had no idea why until I got on the Catster line and these fine folks here I saw were preaching the good word on the fine food only. A cats diet is so important it's like omg... those two their odor is gone completely, The Professor's butt odor is gone and The Reverend's bad breath thus the coat odor is gone. It's like within days of cutting the Science Diet down these kitties are different.
So! if someone approaches you with cat cologne just smile nod and proceed to the trash! I see these people trying to get cats adopted spraying them down with colognes and I am appalled! I just don't get it because then they won't let good people adopt them shrug
go fig
now I'm ranting.