Claw Tips ?

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Hi, I was wondering if there were any type of tip or something for the cat claws ? Every few months I take Kitty to the vet for her nails to be clipped and in the meantime she seems to like the Emery Cat board.

My issue is that we just got a brand new leather living room set. I don't want to declaw Kitty, i called and one place wants like $350 !

If she even thinks about purposely or accidently clawing at the new furniture, my father will flip out. How can I prevent this BEFORE is happens ?

Claw tips ? {Is there such a thing} some type of deterrent leather safe spray ? Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks.



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Soft Paws are a popular claw cover for cats. I don't know if your vet's staff would be able to help you apply them when you take Kitty in for a trim, but I know that a lot of groomers do. You can also apply them yourself, if you're confident enough.

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little kittah !
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Thank you for the reply Ben. I purchased some from eBay and am going to ask my vet when I bring he in. wave


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Get a TALL scratching post and get her to use it also; I emphasize tall because most premade ones just are not tall enough, meaning at minimum three feet. Kitties like to really stretch out to claw, so the right size helps them know that's the very best place to claw! One of those sisal mats is also good if she likes the clawing surface to be placed horizontally, not vertically.

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We used softpaws on Misty becuase she took to clawing up the carpets. We were able to stop using them after about 4 months because she "got" the idea. We also have a good sized cat tree. I keep softpaws available in case she decides to have a wild hair. I am not afraid of going back to training mode laugh out loud She has been without them since June without any problems though.


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sorry to barge in but my cat Zippy is about 6 years old and we just got a new set of furnitures, well the truth is we havent had an actual couch since she was a kitten bcuz she tore it up...so it was only that and the armchair that she and the dog killed lol that was on our front porch plus not to mention we had another one that was torn up when she was a kitten...
How can I teach or disuade her not to go after the set

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I use soft paws all the time. No need for a vet, you can easily do it yourself. Try looking them up on YouTube for helpful step by step directions.

I basicly lock myself in a well lit bathroom, fill the caps with glue, then stick them on the cat and read a magazine for ten minutes with the cat while the glue sets and dries.

First things first, get your kitty accustomed to clipping her nails! When you clip kitty's nails before the caps, don't clip as short as you would normally do.

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My Mommyz always giv me a "Pedicure" when I nappie poo.kitty

She has leather couch which I like to play on but I've got like 4 scratchy post to play wit now, so I'ma be good girl and use those.

My Mommy also train me to no like couch too much furr scratchin by rubbin fabric softener sheetz all over z leather couch to create static electricity, pluz z overpowering ol' lady perfume me no likey too much. Foil waz also used.

But no matter what I do I won't be yell at by my nice Mommy, so I don like to do thingz to upset her.

I be good kitty.little angel

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Actually, most kitties don't like leather. IDK why, but we've had a total of 4 cats, and our leather furniture is completely in tact. I wouldn't worry too much about Kitty scratching the couch, but yeah, you can use soft paws if that's what makes you feel more confident.

Zippy, it would have to depend on what material your furniture is. I once went onto a site that said cats hate the smell of citrus fruits, so if you wanna deter them away from somewhere, just put a bowl of citrus fruit peels near the spot. I also heard that kitties don't like purfume scented cotton balls, so you can try that too.