Natural Flea Remedys? Help?

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Purred: Tue May 25, '10 3:17pm PST 
Ok, my friend has a huge flea problem. She came home from college to find her house has gotten infested in about a week or two. She's tried using the flea bomb stuff from Petsmart, but she's allergic to it. She's got some stuff to spray on the cats, but that's not enough. We need help! We need ways to combat the fleas on the carpet, bedding, clothing, etc. It has to be nontoxic (i know, duh right? but had to say it) and natural preferably. We're completely lost, and feeling a little out of our league. Any help will be completely and utterly a-purr-eciated!

Milo Reyna

Momma's Moe
Purred: Tue May 25, '10 10:10pm PST 
Try Borax, you can get it in the laundry isle in the grocery store. It's suppose to work wonderfully and it's all natural!

here is a link about it