What color is my cat?

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Attila the- Hun

Mommy? Mommy!- MOMMY!!
Purred: Sun Apr 4, '10 2:17pm PST 
When looking at the bazillion options Catster has in the "Physical Traits" section for color, I don't know what mine would be exactly. A little help?


TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Sun Apr 4, '10 6:14pm PST 
Hi Attila, you are very handsome! I think you would be a brown mackerel tabby. big grin


Tons of toes!
Purred: Sun Apr 4, '10 6:28pm PST 
brown tabby wave

Lady Shadow

ambush leap!!!!
Purred: Sun Apr 4, '10 6:48pm PST 
you are a longhair brown tabby! love the name, too

Attila the- Hun

Mommy? Mommy!- MOMMY!!
Purred: Sun Apr 4, '10 10:34pm PST 
Excellent, thank you! That is what I thought originally, but then I got caught up looking at some endless color list sight with pictures and...well...was lost and confused and second guessing myself.

Thank you!

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
Purred: Mon Apr 5, '10 8:45am PST 
it can be a touch confusing! most of those colors on there i doubt many cats except purebreds sport them


Do I smell- treats??
Purred: Tue Apr 6, '10 7:32pm PST 
Ooooh yeah .... brown mackerel tabbies are the BEST! laugh out loud