Brushing Medium haired cats

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Purred: Tue Mar 23, '10 11:27am PST 
I have tried almost every type of brush and comb out there and my cats will NOT let me brush them for more than a couple minutes. They both get hairball medicine at least twice a week but still have hairball issues. Any suggestions? They are from the same litter and groom each other as well as themselves. They tolerate having their nails clipped, but just attack me and the brush when I try to groom them. They are almost 1½ years old now. Any help would be appreciated.


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Have you tried the zoom groom yet? Boris here attacked every brush known to man, but the zoom groom has made him a brushing convert. In fact our problem is that he "demands" to be brushed twice a day now, and if we don't do it daily, he's more likely to hack hairballs (his "sister" is medium haired, and he insists on trying to groom her daily).


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Isabelle hates brushing, too. She's shorthaired, but can produce incredible amounts of fuzz. laugh out loud The best luck we've had is with the zoom groom, like Boris. She still doesn't like it, but it's more like a good massage than combing that gets caught in their fur. I actually use it like a massager, going in circles rather than brushing and then wipe her off with my hands or a cat wipe to get the loose hair.

I can't get more than probably a minute of this in at a time before the biting starts, so it's a slow process. I've found it helps to have her standing and I literally "follow" her around the house if she won't stand still for it (hey, no biting while walking! wink ).

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Misty was difficult to brush as a kitten and so i used bribery. I would brush her for small amounts of time, like sometimes it would only be 10 or 20 seconds and then i would stop and give her a small treat like a liver biscuit, and eventually i would be able to brush her more often and for longer periods of time, and now she's gotten to absolutely love the brush, even without the treats. She gets this excited look on her face when i pick up the brush and say....."brushy time darlin!"


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Misty's advice is great, but it doesn't work if you are not dealing with the easily bribed cat. I got my Gracie used to trimming her nails by bribery (she loves to be brushed, so that's never been a problem), and she puts up with it fine, but with Boris bribing never worked for anything. We've tried bribing when he comes home from the vet, when his nails need to be trimmed, and when grooming him.

So far the only thing we've overcome is brushing (he now sits still on the floor and will let me brush him for a good five minutes, i.e., longer than even necessary), and the zoom groom has become invaluable for that. All he needs to do is see it, and he's all like "mommy, I'm ready for my grooming". Like Isabelle said, to them it feels more like a massage than anything to them (mine purr while I brush, which is a stark contrast from the days of Boris trying to bite the brush and my hand along with it). If you can get your cats to accept the zoom groom, you could later see if you can expose them to a furminator: Gracie loves the furminator even more, and even Boris will tolerate a few strokes if I alternate them with the use of a zoom groom .


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Spencer loves the furminator, but it's not the best for long haired cats. Does the zoom groom cause static? Are you guys using cat safe anti-static sprays? Certain things will add static to the coat and that will actually cause your kitties to matt, even though you are brushing or combing. I use a Chris Christiansen comb. It was quite pricey, but I'm a cat groomer, so it's a business expensewink

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Use z sleepy tyme method???

My Mommy starts wit petting and letting me get used to her touch first few sessions. (Sessions are either days apart or hours apart)

Dan she uses a baby brush (wit soft bristles) furr those sessions.
Thats an advise from her fellow kitty lover family member who haz many kitties her whole life.

I will be biting them brushes juz to taste them... and my Mommy lets me have them quite a few times till I tire o' z brush and let her do watever she wants wit me.

Dan when I nappie poo, she'll be brushin me longer and longer till I start to begg furr more.

She alwayz stop before I get impatient to play. She know my ques now and my tail flick signs.

Best o' luck wit your kitties.