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getting rid of flea dirt on the coat

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.

sweet pea

princess of the- kitchen
Purred: Wed Jan 13, '10 10:37am PST 
now that sweet pea is tamer, i have taken to grooming her. i treated her fleas and they are dead, but quite a bit of dirt and scabs remain.

does anyone have any advice on what shampoo (non-medicated) i should use to get all the dry dead skin and blood off her?

she loves to be fussed over, i got most of it out via brushing, but some on the skin wont come off.

Linus- (Dreamboat- #72a)

So many toys, so- little time.
Purred: Wed Jan 13, '10 11:46am PST 
My favorite shampoo is Furminator Shampoo (available at PetCo and PetSmart). Whatever product you decide to use, just be sure it is made for cats.

sweet pea

princess of the- kitchen
Purred: Wed Jan 13, '10 7:25pm PST 
some people shampoos are okay as long as they dont have meds in them. We settled on an oatmeal shampoo for cats.


aka, Squeeker,- Toeboy or- Perfict Cat
Purred: Thu Jan 14, '10 9:59pm PST 
Good choice, as the oatmeal will help sooth the skin. As a former groomer, make sure you shake the shampoo up well before you use it as it will work much better for you.
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