Why Does My Cat Have Dry Skin?

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I think Joanna has dry skin. I've never had a kitten with dry skin before. She is very beautiful, except for the little flakes of skin. I'm afraid that she is sick or something. She seems healthy otherwise, but the dry skin worries me. Could it just be the weather? I've noticed my skin is a bit dryer than usual. Or could it be what she is eating? I have always fed Pro Plan and never had any problems with it, so I don't think it is that.

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Tasha is black, and she had white flakes in her fur- bits of dried skin. I switched her food to higher quality canned- no dry food at all- and the problem went away.


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She might need a food with a higher fatty acid.


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Take her off the pro plan.. its overpriced and poor quality.

Binks was on Science Diet at the shelter and had very flakey skin and a dull dry coat. Now that he's eating Orijen, he has no more flakes, his coat is shiny and soft, and he absolutely loves it.


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Dandruff can be a sign of diabetes, but your cat is too young for you to worry about that. You might mention it at your next vet visit if a change in diet doesn't work. When Spike got dandruff, the vet looked for parasites or skin disease and tested him for diabetes. The problem turned out to be that he was too fat to groom himself properly and was stressed out by the arrival of new cats to want to groom himself period. Also, he was eating kitten food, which is higher in fat than regular adult food. People usually think that dandruff is caused by dry skin, but think of people you know who have dandruff. Don't they usually have oily hair and iffy personal hygiene habits? Spike definitely was greasy to the touch, and didn't seem to be suffering from dry skin. Once I got him off the kitten food and he got used to the other cats, the problem disappeared.