Why Are People Allergic to Cats?

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I've never been allergic to cats, but my best friend is and it kills me. She really overreactes though, at least I think she does. Whenever one of the cats gets near her she will start sneezing and rubbing her eyes and complaining and freaking out until I get the cat away from her. Are people really that allergic to cats or is this kind of a drama-type thing. She is known for her constant drama, and I'm thinking she is probably not as allergic as she lets on.

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My husband was allergic to cats. If we went to visit my sister, he would pet the cats and have a reaction of sneezing watery eyes etc. I began to foster kittens in our sunporch, and he was exposed to them gradually- and never had a reaction. Now he lives with 2 cats full time and is not allergic.

Now, my neighbor's kids came to see the kittens once. 3 boys- their mom forgot that one of them was allergic. The second he stepped into the kitten room- he had a reaction and had to leave. It really happened fast. So I think there are degrees of allergic, and some people just can't be around cats. wink

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Daddy is allergic, but has always been fine with us kitties...I know Siamese and Norwegian Forest cats are good for allergy people because we have a low amt. of some kind of protein in our saliva ( Mommy already knew this about Siamese, but learned more on Animal Planet's Cats 101)...Daddy had a hard time with Gracie, our foster cat...he'd go in her room and read or take a nap with her and would have red itchy eyes every time..it depends on the cat AND the person I guess...


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Our mom used to be highly allergic to cats ! She was also exposed to them gradually and then became ok with it all.
We are so glad over the years she is much better, even tho sometimes at cat shows with about 250 + cats in a show hall, it can get pretty hairy and the fur flys thru the air.. (gasp) asthma can act up, but the itchy eyes and sneezing dont happen.
We just take precautions and always keep meds at hand just in case.

Please be patient with your friend because its "not fun" having the allergic symptoms and they CANT be brought on just to be a drama queen, if shes sneezing and gets itchy eyes, shes very sensitive to the cats proteins. *Achoooooo* frown it stinks having allergies. cry

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Here is a link as to why people are allergic to cats;
Gla d Meowma is not, or she would have a very tough time with the 3 of us mol


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Liked the link, especially the comment "People with pet allergies might want to consider getting a reptile or fish as a pet." Har! Try sleeping with Mr. Fishie at night!


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Good article, P.C.!

Also, while some people can be ok with certain cats, they might still be highly allergic to others. Hubby is allergic to some kitties, but is ok with ours. We do brush them a whole lot, with me usually doing the brushing, so the dander issue is handled somewhat (as dander will sometimes be associated with shedding, and brushing daily will often reduce the shedding, and thus make the dander not be everywhere in the house).

There's also degrees of allergy among sufferers. My MIL is allergic to cats, but as long as she washes her hands after petting them, and does not allow them to sleep in the same room, she's ok. One of our friends is so allergic to cats that he has gone into anaphylactic shock (which is a pretty scary experience for all involved) unless he takes medication beforehand, and even when he does he strictly avoids interacting with cats.

Red eyes and sneezing are not drama, they are real symptoms. If I were you, I'd plan your social activities with your friends so that you spend more time out and/or at her house than you do at yours. That's probably the best solution.


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I agree with both of you. Yeah sleeping with the fishes is not a good idea. mol The article was just a sample of different things that could be done to help people. I remember someone who used a dryer sheet to wipe down there pet, but I do not remember if it was a cat or a dog. So you could try looking for that also. When I groomed, we would use a liquid fabric softener and water it down, then pour it over the dogs.
I would NOT recommend doing this with cats! Having a good food with a high amount of Omega 3 and 6 will also help with dry skin. That is why Meowma feeds Nutro Max Cat and works part time for them now.