She hates being brushed

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Purred: Thu Jun 18, '09 1:10pm PST 
really? I am a pretty picky cat and I hate having my feet touched or being kissed or picked up or anything , but I thought all cats loved to be brushed! I know I do! Mommy uses some cheap , 50cent slicker brush from the supermarket , but so far its worked pretty well , though I dont know how she would know , seeing as they brush me like once a year!!!! When she does get around to it , though , I arch me back and turn in circles , I even purr!!! Actually when the ppl go out on vacation every summer and leave me with a cousin of mommy who comes like twice a day to fill my food bowls , I get brusehd every day! Last year , when they spent 2 months in the U.S , they came back to find me with a wonderfull coat , alll shiny and silky. They just dont get it though , and never brush me!!!! purrs,


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Some cats have to be brushed more often than once a year, and some of us prefer kisses and having our paws held (Boris purrs when both of those things happen, but hates having his nails trimmed or his coat brushed with a regular brush, go figure big laugh). Boris is a DSH but has a pretty dense coat. Gracie is a MSH and she has a double coat. They both get hairballs if they don't get at least one brushing a week. I'd rather brush them than give hairball-prevention food or treats. Most of them have corn, soy and animal digest, which I would never feed to my cats.

We could of course use Laxatone instead of brushing, but if there's one thing that Boris always hated more than being brushed with a comb or regular brush was being given Laxatone, even the tuna flavored kind. big laugh So for my cats liking any brush and allowing weekly brushing (Boris in fact demands daily attention even though his coat is not as problematic as Gracie's laugh out loud) is a win!

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Wow Athena!

I'm not too crazy about the brushing either but will tolerate it for a short time. You are smart. I must say you are smart to hide the brush. I just try to bite it. http://www.catster.com/forums/post.php#


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Uno says he hates it too. He gets overstimulated, and starts swatting and biting (not hard).
I pet him, and use the furminator. He really needs it, as he has that double siamese coat, and is shedding like no tomorrow.

I do also have to scruff him gently to brush his sides. I do not really brush his stomach at all, that is a forbidden zone.
A good time is when he is sleepy, and just get in a few licks here and there.

I am persistant, I do not want him choking on hairballs. I am trying to de-sensitize him.
He is easily stressed, and very sensitive. He trusts me, and really loves me. I would never want to make him angry with me.

Zoey loves being brushed. Spike has a limited tolerance. That is
why I love the Furminator. It is very efficient.


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I'm with you. Can't stand brushing. The human is a slow learner, and keeps trying it.

I've heard things about the zoom groom, but have been told that the furminator is more razor than brush and actually cuts the fur and damages the coat. Any truth to that?

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I agree with everyone who said use the Zoom Groom! I hate being brushed or touched, unless I ask for it. But Meoma got a Zoom Groom and after a second of brushing... MEOW!!!!! I was hooked! Now I cry for brushing when she gets it out!! Mom was a Prof. Groomer for 12 years and that Curry comb is the best thing . She used to have a horse and used something similar on him. If your Mom buys it and it does not do what everyone here is telling you or you do not like it, take it back to the store and tell it them /have your Meowma tell them that you did not like it. Most stores will give a refund.
With all this being said, make sure you are eating a food with a high Linoleic Acid (minimum) 3.50%. This is the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

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