What clippers do you recomend?

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Purred: Sun May 31, '09 7:05am PST 
This is absolutly NOT me, as all horse people know, ya
never body clip a palomino, and mine are show cats,
that I can't body clip anyhow. big grin

Anyhow, a friend, who has a retired LH red show cat,
gave him a lion cut. She didn't wash him, and used
people clippers, took her 3 hrs.

She asked me about clippers.

Having shown horses for years, told her, she needs to
wash him first, and I recommended the Oyster golden
A5's. Ya just can't kill those clippers, have dropped them
so many times, gotten them wet, horse stepped on them,
they just keep going.

I went thru the whole thing with her, the blades slip on
and off, a huge convience, its easier to wash the blades,
and get the hairs out of the vibrating parts, so much
better, than blades you can't take off. Also went thru
with her, the various blades and what each one does, and
how long or short it clips the hair.

But, those clippers are very expensive.

She asked about the other brands, Andis and I forget the
other one now. I have no experience with them, I don't
body clip my palomino, and love my A5's, wouldn't use
anything else, have used them for years.

She wanted me to ask you guys, told her I would.

She also wanted to know, when should she stop clipping,
so his fur will grow in by winter, so he is not cold.

Don't know that one either, never body clipped my horse.

He is a LH red retired show cat, very laid back, and has
about seen it all.

So, what do you guys think? big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin big grin


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Purred: Tue Jun 2, '09 2:48am PST 
Well you have the only clippers I would ever use. She needs to make sure she has some Clipper Cool also. She can check craigslist, also have her ask for anyone who may have a set just sitting around and not being used. Also ask at the local groomer training place if they have any and see if they know of anyone who works on them. The man who taught me how to groom did a lot of repair work also.
Good Luck, oh and it should take about a good 3-4 months for the hair to grow back to keep kitty warm.