Zoom Groom, when does it end???

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Spaz - The purr-box
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 9:17pm PST 
Bought a zoom groom yesterday for Spaz just to see if it would really work because he doesn't really seem to shed that much at all, I've had him since November and never has he had a hairball or anything.

Oh my goodness! I could have made a sweater out of the fur I got off him. It was definatly the undercoat because it wasn't the jet black he has on top, it was the blackish grey of his undercoat. Then I did it again tonight and got off a whole load more! I could have kept going but he was getting antsy so I let him go.

So does the hair ever stop coming off? or could I just brush for hours and never stop? MOL.
I am worried he will have no undercoat at all when I am done. Although he really does look SUPER shiney now!


I beg, therefore- I am.
Purred: Sat May 23, '09 6:44pm PST 
After reading your post, I decided to go get the zoom groom for the kitties and I must say WOW, this is such an amazing product, you'd never think by looking at it, but I swear,after grooming Boogie, there was a whole mountain of hair enough to make another cat. I was also kinda worried about overgrooming, but I dont think it would be possible to remove all undercoat, it supposed to just get rid of dead hair. I'm going to brush Chloe next and take a picture of the hair I brushed out.,


Has been COTD!
Purred: Sun May 24, '09 11:58am PST 
Some people keep all the shed fur and when they get enough, spin it into yarn and knit sweaters from it. Seriously.

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Sun May 24, '09 5:34pm PST 
Hi Kats, wave

Oh, I luv my Zoom Groom brush.So much hairs comes off & Meowmy massages me wif the Groom brush as if I was at a day spa ohhhhh.......... feels so gud.........cloud 9

Oh, the hairs just peel off da brush so e - z to remove way to go & then she washes it it out clean in hot & soapy watah; gotta keep effurything really clean heya!

I'm sew glad yew all luv yur Zoom Groom brush & it neba hurts me at all, meowmy's so gentle wif me.

Now, I curl upps & get sum Zzzzzz.........kitty

Kally Kat

Abbie- McFlooferson

I not fat!! I- fluffy!!
Purred: Mon May 25, '09 2:17pm PST 
I try eat the Zoom Groom! It tasty!!


I am so cute,- scratch my belly- mol
Purred: Mon May 25, '09 4:52pm PST 
Even though I do not work for the pet stores I am in , when I am doing my demos. I always recommend them to people. I wish it was out when I was groomer. I wash all my dogs with one also. It saves on the soap.
My cats LOVE it. Though Soot here wants to eat it also..


Do I smell- treats??
Purred: Mon May 25, '09 9:09pm PST 
We zoom groom here and it does a good job, eh-hmm, when I can get in more than a few brushes. Isabelle thinks being brushed is next only to having her claws clipped (you'd think I was torturing her). I've found it's easier if she's in her sun spot and sprawled out already, and then we just do 2-3 minutes and leave when the tail starts whapping. laugh out loud

But yeah, the hair it gets out is nuts! Even when I think she's not shedding much, there is always a pile on the floor next to us. big grin


Don't breed or- buy when shelter- pets die
Purred: Mon May 25, '09 9:21pm PST 
The girl spreads a big towel on the floor and says, "The spa is open!" I run right over and stetch out for my Zoom Groom massage. I think I could lie there all day.


I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Tue May 26, '09 9:03pm PST 
Boris will sit for his grooming sessions for a long time. This is a kitty who can only tolerate brief pets, but is a brushing whore now. big laugh My husband nicknamed the zoom groom "magic fingers". wink

Gracie won't sit still for it the whole time, but she's my spazzy kitty, so it's not surprising.


Purred: Sun Jun 21, '09 1:04am PST 
The Zoom Groom is that little rubber one right? I never would have thought that would take out that much hair. I gotta get one! Jake and Toby are already used to getting brushed. They actually like it when it is on their back, but when I try to get the front or tummy, I am ready for them to eat the brush(or my handshock) I am just using a regular grooming brush right now, with the metal tines on one side and the other side is just a plastic brush. I used to use the Furminator on my Mom's cats but even after the mass amounts of fur that came off, they would still leave piles of white fur on your clothesconfused

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