dirty stray

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Prince -RIP

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Purred: Mon May 18, '09 3:15pm PST 
This stray found us yesterday. I cut out his matts but he's got mud caked on his paws and belly and he smells bad. I think he fell into this awful smelling water nearby.

How can I wash him quickly and stressless as possible? He's very frail.


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Mon May 18, '09 5:18pm PST 
I'd just use warm water in a bowel and washcloth and wipe him down. Maybe this won't be too stressful for him. He is so pretty.

Good luck.

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Purred: Tue May 19, '09 1:05pm PST 
Sky has a good suggestion. There are also "Cat Bathing Wipes" available at PetsMart. Visited his page and saw the video. This guy surely owned people, as he answered you when you spoke to him and let you pet him. Also, once is fur is clean I am sure he would enjoy being brushed........I sure do!!!

He sure looks like me......meowmy had to look twice at the photo and video. But she knows she left me at home when she went to work this morning.

Good luck and keep us posted and put up more photos.

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Prince -RIP

I knew a moment- of peace and- love...
Purred: Tue May 19, '09 6:38pm PST 
Well now I feel awful. I got home from work and he's gone. My BF told me I had to keep him outside because we have too many as it is. So I set Prince up with a nice shelter on the porch and some food/water. I checked on him often when I was home but I guess he got bored and walked off since I was gone so long.

A lady down the street says she's been seeing him off and on for years and it's been just recently he's stopped eating dry food. So I'm going to try to track him down again and get his mouth checked out. I never did look at it.

Keep him in your thoughts please. I'll be so crushed if he doesnt' come back.

More pics posed, I didn't upload all of them yesterday.