itchy problem

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Purred: Mon May 11, '09 9:16pm PST 
our siberian huskies came in and visited a couple of months ago and left some fleas behind evidently. patches ended up with some and was itching alot. we treated him and bathed him and got rid of them but he continues to itch and groom himself to the point he is ripping out his fur in spots. he loves water and baths but is maybe the water drying his skin or is there other possibilities of why he is still itching??? we have sprayed him with anti itch spray and he is still itching and scratching and grooming the hair off himself. any ideas???


Purred: Tue May 12, '09 1:12pm PST 
It might be that he had an allergic reaction to the flea bite. It can take just one flea bite to set off an allergic reaction in some cats. If he is pulling/chewing his fur out I would take him to the vets who can give him a shot to relieve him of the itch an get him over the allergy reaction. Sometimes it is what's needed as the licking makes the itch even worse, it can become a vicious cycle and he skin can end up damaged and open to infection.