How much does nail clipping cost near YOU??

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Furman- Dexter- 10/28/99-1/1- 2/15

Little Critter
Purred: Wed May 6, '09 5:07pm PST 
I was wondering what other folks pay for a nail clipping. We used to pay $10 at our old vet, then we moved down south and they charge $19 at our new vet!! That seems pretty steep to Mom. We were just wondering what other folks pay. I know it is $15 at Petsmart but for some reason Mom doesn't trust them.


-iTs aLl AbOuT- ME!!!-
Purred: Wed May 6, '09 5:14pm PST 
well I get bathed once every 2 , 3 months and the whole bath is like , 30 dollars (transport included) and they clip my nails there... if you think its not a good price , you could clip them yourself. mommy used to clip mine with a baby nail cutter and she has no experince whateverso , if your cat is used to it and calm , just cut before the pink line and keep some cornstarch powder on hand just in case you accidently cut the quick and it bleeds.


College Cat
Purred: Wed May 6, '09 6:08pm PST 
I'd suggest having your mom learn to clip your nails herself. Though the full grooming a few times a year is also nice!

When Mom first got me, the shelter taught her to clip my nails. Maybe you can ask your vet to show your mom? Also, clippers for cat claws are about $2-3 at a pet supply store or wal-mart, they have always worked for my mom.

It wasn't easy for me at first. Usually one of my roommates would have to hold me and pet me while Mom clipped my claws -- and sometimes she could only clip one paw at a time and let me go for a while. It takes some getting used to.


Do I smell- treats??
Purred: Wed May 6, '09 7:47pm PST 
My vet charges $15 if that's all I come in for. But I've found that if I ask nicely (and Isabelle is on her best behavior, which she always is), they do it for free if she's having other stuff done (exams or shots).

I have a clipper for at home, but I have a hard time wrangling Isabelle long enough to clip more than 2 toes at a time. So it feels like we're constantly clipping and I don't do it as short as at the vet. So when the vet does them, we get to go a whole month or more before the clippers come out! cheer


headed for the- light.
Purred: Thu May 7, '09 10:19am PST 
I wish this hadn't been brought up--Meowma has to call in for my medicine to be refilled, and since she doesn't have good help to either hold or clip--I'm going along for the ride and getting my back toenailsdone--and an anal gland check while they are at it! frown

Emma Barrett

It\'s good to be- the Queen
Purred: Thu May 7, '09 11:55am PST 
Oh poor BooBoo - I think that after this you should get LOTS of special treats and whatever your favorite food is.

And, of course a great deal of extra attention from your meowmy.

Sympathic Purrs - The New Orleans Kitties
Emma Barrett, Louis Armstrong, Benny Grunch, Pete Fountain, Charmaine Neville and Buddy Bolden

P.S. And if non of the above are forthcoming, let me know, and I will call the ASPCA.......and report cat abouse. MOL....MOL...

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Fluff butt
Purred: Thu May 7, '09 9:09pm PST 
I would learn to do it yourself, if possible. I mean, how often are you paying to have it done?? I trim Atrus's claws myself pretty frequently. I can't imagine spending like $40 a month when I can do it myself in like 10 minutes. And if you wait too long in between, then what's the point?

Furman- Dexter- 10/28/99-1/1- 2/15

Little Critter
Purred: Thu May 7, '09 9:31pm PST 
Yes, having Mommy do it herself would be ideal but it is not an option folks MOL. Mom clips the other cats nails with no problem...and some of them are wild feral girls! But I am another story. She has been touching my feet and trying to get me used to it for 8 years now and it just isn't going to happen. I have big Maine Coon paws with fur in the middle. By the time she locates the first claw I have already started the growling and attacking. On the other hand, when the vet techs clip them I just pretend to be a hedgehog and they pull one leg out at a time no problem.

I just wanted to know how much is average, Mom was shocked at $19 because our good old vet was much cheaper!! Thanks!

Angel Katie- Mommy Loves- You!

Little Old Lady,- Evil- Cat,Georgous
Purred: Tue Jul 7, '09 2:27pm PST 
$13.10......I get done every 2 months


I am so cute,- scratch my belly- mol
Purred: Thu Jul 9, '09 12:11am PST 
When I was grooming the price was always different. I would learn to do them your self. All you relay need is a large beach type towel and a pair of human toe nail clippers. Or get a cat nail clipper from any pet store. Like stated here already, just do the tips and stay away from the pink or quick and you should be fine. You could try playing for as long as you can and when tired out there should be not as much fight left. That is what I had to do for my big dog Zak. We had to go on a bike ride until he was wore out. Good luck way to go

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