how does your cat like his or her nails trimmed?

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iam 1 year old i got my nails trimmed by a groomer and i didnt like it at all i hissed and i tried to scratch and bite the groomer and my mommy kept tellin me to settle down then i really didnt like it when the groomer told my mommy to put a blanket over my head can someone give her advise so that groomer doesnt have to come back please .


The Silly Guy
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Hi Simba - nail trimming is not something we enjoy either. My brother, Tully, is slightly more tolerant of the procedure than I am, but Mom considers it a "two person operation." Dad holds us in a bear hug position so we cannot squirm as much, while Mom takes one paw at a time and does the trimming. She does it as quickly as she can because I can get somewhat unruly about the whole thing smile Good luck, it does prove to be difficult for some of us kitties. Oh yeah, we always get a treat afterwards as a reward dancing


RESPECT The- Star!
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Bumpurr and the kittens are great about it, but they all got started as
little kittens too, when they can't get away or do any damage. They just
learn to accept it. big grin

I taught them by putting them on their back, on my lap, they aren't
going anywhere. Ya, they are a little squirmy at first, I just keep putting
them back on their back, they soon learn, if they just lay there, its over and
done in a minute, they also get their ears cleaned then too. big grin

If you want to do it yourself, teach him to lay on his back, on your lap,
even if he will just do it for a minute, its progress, pet him, talk to him,
play with his paws. You might need help the first few times. If he
squirms out of it, put him back on his back, do not let him up until you
are ready to let him go. End on a positive note, when he will just lay
there, let him go. He will soon learn, if he squirms, he gets put back, if he
is a good boy, and lays there, all is good.

When he will lay there, do one paw at at a time, be very careful not to
cut into the quick, do one paw, let him go. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
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i guess im lucky, because i can trim all 3 of my cats nails myself with no fuss. i lay them on there side and other them some grumbles they dont put up a fuss.

i would suggest doing one or 2 nails at a time, then give him a really good treat afterwards. if all else fails, get another person to help you get him use to being restrained while you clip them.

good luck


Food!?! Where??
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Ray-Ray does not like to have his nails trimmed either. I found that the best time to trim his nails is when he is asleep. He usually naps next to me on the couch and I wait until he's in a deep sleep. Ray is slowly getting used to it and will let me trim some when he is relaxed but I don't think we will ever get to the holding for trimming phase. And I'm ok with that. Now I just need to figure out a way to get his sister Harriet's nails trimmed. She *really* does not like to be held and she naps away from the couch. I'm going to have to think of something creative to get hers trimmed!


College Cat
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I didn't like having my nails trimmed when it first started happening to me. One of the ways my owners dealt with it was to hold me and pet me or hold a toy out for me to watch while my nails were trimmed.

I got used to it, and now Mom can clip her nails on her own. I do fight so she can only do about one paw at a time... but it's not as bad as it used to be.


headed for the- light.
Purred: Sun May 10, '09 6:59am PST 
Meowma thinks trying to teach an adult cat that hates trimming is a lost cause, pretty much in many cases. I do not allow touching my back toes willingly, ever, even with treats, even with tummy rubs, no matter whator how slowly she goes.
And dang, Ray-Ray--you stay asleep and relaxed? If my toe gets the slightest touch I wake up, whine and hide that foot! So it's really bad--Meowma picked my meds up at the vet Friday and found out they only charge $10 and no appointment needed...I guess I'm going there Tuesday frown
Meowma says trying to clip the toenails on a greased, squirming bowling ball with legs is no fun!

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Japanese Bobtail
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Me and my brofur started getting our nails done when we were just about 12 weeks old, then when we were about 5 months we started the bathing process, mom is able to clip all nails on all four feetsies with no problem! And our bathes? Well, we just sit there and let her hose us with the kitchen sink hose, and then she suds us up.
We really seem to love the whole spa thing, ya know.. its like
relaxing, and then we get all fluffy and stuff.. MEOW

KuJu Ku

Bobtails Rule!
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I love it, but our chichuahua wont let my mom do it,
she has to take him to the vet or groomer and then he poops or farts the whole place up. Big stink for a little dog. Eh? laugh out loud


My little Angel-
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I hate getting my nails trimmed. My Mommy and Daddy has to take me to my vet ( my doctor ) to let her do it. I will not let my mommy and daddy trim my nails at all.