safe flea treatment for outdoor cats

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Wild man
Purred: Sat Aug 23, '08 7:49am PST 
Meowmy is going to take care of 2 kitties that were left at their rental property and wants to clean them up a bit....both have fleas...

Does anyone have a good suggestion on what flea treatments work best and are safe? She's even wanting to treat the yard there...what have you used that worked??

Plus...what 's the trick to bring them inside to bathe and not end up bringing fleas in with them??


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Purred: Tue Aug 26, '08 11:26am PST 
Get some Capstar tablets and mix it with their food. Make sure that each cat gets it's own tablet. That's usually not to difficult with hungry "kids." big grin

Capstar is highly effective, works really REALLY fast (about half an hour) and will work well with regular monthly treatments. After the initial treatment, the fleas will be deal well within the hour and it should be safe to bring the cats indoors. It can be given frequently if need be.

As for a long-term treatment, if fleas are you biggest pest problem for the cats then - and I'm speaking from a personal angle here - go with Revolution. Alas, I can't help you with lawn treatments. I have a hard time getting my mind around treating the great outdoors in a way that won't harm my regular wildlife crew so I'm hopeless on that one. However, if the cats trust you and you can treat them each month then I don't see a reason for lawn treatment. ::shrug:: That's just me. Skewed. I care for a medium sized feral colony and they trust me enough to let me touch them. On the 15th of each month they get a fabulous and fantastic dinner of fresh Salmon - while i treat them with Revolution as they eat. Me so sneaky. big grin big grin big grin

Last but oh so not least, YOU are a magnificent soul for taking on the care of the two cats. I commend you and adore you for doing this. 'Nuff said by me.