Litter box maintanence

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I was just wondering how often you should change the litter in a box? I have two kitties and i've been using World's Best Cat Litter multiple cat formula for them which is great. It is supposed to last longer than other kitty litter i read. I change the litter and replace it with new litter once a week for both cats. I scoop the litter daily for each one as well. Usually i get a 17 lb bag of litter and try to get at least 2-3 changings for each cat's box out of that. I just saw on the World's Best Cat Litter website that a 17 lb bag of kitty litter should last 26 days for 2 cats. Not sure how much litter that you're supposed to use in the box. I try to cover the bottom up at least and also put enough for them to dig in it.

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We use wood stove pellets now instead of litter, but I can tell you what I used to do with S'wheat Scoop.

Obviously the box was scooped every day and new litter was added to keep the level where she liked it. I really don't think that I dumped the entire box more than every 3-4 weeks doing it that way and it seemed perfectly fine. The only issue I had was that she liked to go in the same spot of the litter box and so would create a big brick of urine. I got smart to that and rotated the box every time I scooped it. That helped keep the smell down once I figured that out.

To be honest though, since I started using wood stove pellets I can't believe the mess and stink I used to put up with with scooping litters. Gone are the bricks of urine cemented to the bottom of the box. Gone is the urine smell. The only drawback is the amount of time it takes to do a complete box clean. But the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. You never need to throw out unused litter. You can purchase a 40lb bag for around $5. You never have to scrape stuck on nasty litter out of the box. I was worried that the kitties wouldn't take to it, but we didn't have any issues at all. Even Gordie who I'm fairly certain came from a household that used the cheapest grocery store crap available for food and litter had no problem using it.

So there's my two cents. It seems to me that you're probably wasting more litter than you need to, but you know your house and what kind of stinks your kitties make. Do what you need to do to feel like your house is clean and fresh.


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I mix clumping clay with World's Best, and fully change the litter every 2 weeks. I also scoop daily and add more litter if it gets low. It sounds like your cats have a very clean box - good for you. happy dance


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We use Swheat Scoop, too, and try to wash out the boxes once a week. The human scoops whenever there's something in there that needs scooping, and when she washes the boxes, she just sifts what was in the box (after scooping) and tosses the small lumps, rather than tossing the whole boxful. I haven't minded it, but now that Westside is with us, my human is keeping a close eye to see if the process will still work or if I'll get fussy.

BTW, the human heard about the sifting thing from a vet, interestingly enough.


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We like our litter at least 10 cm (4 inches) deep so we have plenty to dig into. We each have two boxes right now and mommy scoops them whenever she sees a clump in them and rotates changing them out so there's always at least one with litter less than a week old even though she cleans each box only once a month. We're quite happy with that arrangement.

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We have 5 kittys and here's what we have:

We have a Litter Maid that we're still experimenting with litter brand wise. This week we're trying World's Best Cat Litter. I still have to scoop it, and empty the receptacle every 2 days. Sometimes the rake gets clogged and I have to unclog it. All and all this is my least favorite box.

We also have a Scoop Free that uses crystals - we LOVE that box! The cardboard refills are supposed to last a month - but the one in there is about 3 months old and still perfect. I wipe it out every week and add new crystals.

We also have 2 regular boxes with Arm & Hammer High Performance Scooping litter. I like that better than anything. I scoop daily, add fresh litter weekly and do a full change every 2 weeks. They just changed the scent which I am not happy with. The original was so fresh smelling the whole house smelled great.

This week I'm trying something different - changing the boxes in the family room, and adding in another one.


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I try to scoop every day but I am sure we are not all perfect to do so....the most is every other day. We use Swheat, and I find the deeper it is the better it clumps and does not stick to the corners on the bottom. I try to dump it once a month and scrub the boxes. I mix baking soda in it to cut on the urine odor. Swheat is not the best for that, esp. for one of my cats. I can always tell who is using what box.