My cat wont let me brush him?

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Purred: Sun May 25, '08 3:57pm PST 
Everytime I try to Brush Max he seems to like it at first by rubbing the brush with the sides of his mouth but once I actually brush his body he tries to scratch me! Why is this, and how can I properly brush him?kitty


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Purred: Mon May 26, '08 9:44am PST 
OOOOOhhhhhh, OOOOOhhhhh. this sounds very familiar......I am Tambolina and I have long fur and my human person wants to brush me......I HATE IT!!!! She, being a wimp, gives up and says 'ooohhh Tambawamba doesn't like it, so we won''t do it'.....gosh, she is SUCH a wimp.......I KNOW what the human person is supposed to do.......KEEP DOING IT.......WORK THROUGH THE BARRIER......the pussy-cat hates it.....SO WHAT?....IT'S GOT TO BE DONE.......

My human person chickens-out......chicken....chicken.....!!! and takes me every couple of months to a Groomer..........it's got to be done....and Someone has got to do it..........

tell your human person to have a bit of backbone........mine doesn't!!!!!

Much love

Tamba (I've grown up now and am not longer Tambolina.....I'm TAMBA (the tiger))


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Purred: Mon May 26, '08 1:25pm PST 
Hahah, thanks
i will be sure to tell my human!


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Purred: Thu May 29, '08 6:37pm PST 
Max, have you tried a zoom groom? Mom has tried combs, brushes, and grooming mittens on me, all to no avail. Like you said, I tolerate them at first, but then I attack. Last time I bit mommy through the glove (which thankfully is almost as thick as cotton garden gloves, and therefore I did not make skin contact).

But today she got a zoom groom, and tried it on me. I loved it. I was purring and asking for more grooming. Mom said it's as if I turned into a different cat. red face

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Purred: Sat Sep 6, '08 6:21pm PST 
My mom has the same problem. She has tried all sorts of brushes, including the Zoom Groom. I'll let her brush me for a few seconds, but then I scratch her, hiss, growl, and try to run away. She tries to persevere for a little longer, but I get so upset that she has to let me go. She even tries to bribe me with treats and gives me breaks. Doesn't help. And, she tries to brush me often so I get used to it. I still don't like it. She's tried the furminator, an undercoat rake, a comb, a regular brush, and the Zoom Groom. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Purred: Sat Sep 6, '08 10:50pm PST 
I use to be like that when I was a youngster too. I didn't like being brushed or combed at all. Mommy learned that if she kissed the top of my head (I when she does that!) and brushed me at the same time - I purred really loud.

shrug I know, a little odd. I love being brushed but I still like when she sometimes kisses my head at the same time too.


Purred: Sun Sep 7, '08 6:55pm PST 
w0w, your moms are a lot more kind than mine confused

I LOVED being brushed and bathed my first time....now, I hate it. But Momma's a bit allergic so she has to keep me in great shape, which means brushing and bathing once if not more a week.

She picks me up from a nap (cuz I'm drowsy), take in into the bathroom and close the door. YIKES! I cry and cry, and Momma pets and talks soothingly to me, then sets me between her legs (she kneels on the floor) so I can't escape and does her thing. If she lets me go and she tries to just brush me without holding me, I hiss.

She shushes me and says, "Oh hush, it's just a brush and if you'd bathe yourself more you wouldn't need this. You're getting it done no matter how much you argue." Then she goes on about silly teenagers and saying I'm just like some cat named Bucky she reads about...


Purred: Mon Sep 8, '08 6:38pm PST 
What if you brush on kitty's terms...no holding, just sit on the ground and brush as kitty rubs on by back and forth....

Zoom Groom may be good as one catster mentioned, it is rubber and not metal (ouch) Could it be a certain spot that is sensative to the brush? Even my Chloe who loves and demands to be brushed has certain spots that are NOT to be touched (belly).

We just got the furmenator but both my girls love to be brushed.


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Purred: Thu Sep 25, '08 5:35pm PST 
Try rewarding the cat with chicken everytime u try to brush it. It will associate it with chicken and then most likely like to be brushed.